Rush VR Debuts On PSVR This Winter With Stunning Environments, Challenging Races, Multiple Game Modes, And Multiplayer Jumps, Announcement Trailer Also Released

Rush VR

Rush VR the amazing adrenaline-pumping Wingsuit flying thriller is finally announced for a Winter season debut. The developer Binary Mill has announced that the game will launch with all the thrills and spills of its May 2017 Oculus Rift release.

The game will feature a total of 80 mountain paths spread across many game modes. Additionally, Rush VR will feature online play for up to 12 people. With all the stunning environments, challenging wingsuit races, a number of exciting game modes, and epic multiplayer jumps, Rush VR is all set to offer you an amazing PSVR experience.

According to a brief overview of the game by Binary Mill, The game takes you to an adrenaline pumping world of Wingsuit flying where you can take part in races on multiple mountainside paths. You’ll experience a fast-paced and action-filled game-play on speeds you’ve never before achieved. The paths for your epic jumps are carved across canyons where you can reach the finish line by dodging the outcrops while plummeting down on high speeds.

Rush VR key features include stunningly mesmerizing environments featuring all the real-time weather and daytime. In addition, there are the game offers eighty different paths that you’ll have to master to achieve your wingsuit jumping goals. From the basic downhill trails to the expert level suicidal runs, you’ll have to master it all.

Moreover, the game offers a number of different game modes. These modes include Race to Finish, Time Attack, and Score Challenge. Each of the modes requires a different skill set and your own unique strategies to success. All the epic multiplayer jumps will take up to 12 players. You can challenge up to 11 of your online friends to compete in the multiplayer jumps.

Rush VR is already available to play on Oculus Rift and Gear VR. Check out the latest PSVR announcement trailer for Rush VR below.


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