Rumble Roses XX and Zone of Enders HD Collection are now Xbox One Backward Compatible, Leaving Fans in Shock

Xbox One backward Compatibility

Rumble Roses XX and Zone of Enders HD Collection are both Xbox 360 titles that remained some of the best on the console for years. However, according to most of the fans, both of these titles aren’t the real hard hitters. But as they are now Xbox One Backward Compatible, fans are in shock as they were expecting something more chilling.

Larry Hyrb, the Director of programming on Xbox Live has just announced that both the Zone of Enders HD Collection and Rumble Roses XX are now available on Xbox One Backward Compatible Titles. So, based on the fan’s reaction, it is speculated that this new addition will get the least of attention.

As a shocker to the fans, these game’s might seem a little awkward to be part of the backward compatibility. But, both of these titles are a pretty big deal on Xbox 360. Both Zone of the Enders HD Collection and Rumble Roses XX remained some of the most exciting titles to ever hit the console.

Xbox One backward compatibility has brought in some of the most well-received and reputable titles to the plate. Covering the three generations of Microsoft video game consoles, it offers a variety of games to the fans that weren’t before accessible on Xbox One.

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All the hardware differences on a side, it remains one of the most remarkable features to ever be available on consoles. The Xbox One Backward Compatibility offers a variety of different games in the library. Players can enjoy the old and somewhat legendary titles on Xbox One because of this unique feature.

Rumble Roses

Fans who don’t know about the Rumble Roses XX, it’s a female professional wrestling video game by Konami. As compared to other female featuring fighting titles, this one is truly a masterpiece.

Zone of Enders HD Collection

The Zone of Enders HD Collection is originally an action-based collection of games by Kojima. From mastering the skills to engaging in combats, this game is all about making your day more cheerful.

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As both of these games are now backward compatible on Xbox One, be sure to check them out. Do let us know of your experiences on both via Xbox One BC. Leave a comment below.

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