RTS Commander: Smash the Rebels PC Game Full Version Free Download 2019

RTS Commander: Smash the Rebels

RTS Commander Smash The Rebels Free Download PC Game Installment in Only direct Connection for Windows. It’s a wonderful approach and indie sport.

Smash that the Rebels is a Real-Time-Strategy Game and portion of this RTS Commander series. The sport respects the customs of great old days RTS games. Game graphical layout is retro and it’s evolving all of the time. New features and articles will be added into the match at fixed intervals. The game uses

OpenGL, a radical option to DirectX because the years 1991, was initially developed by Silicon Graphics.

As a result of OpenGL Highly Optimized Code, this game will run on pretty much any graphics card created in 2004 and after that so that you don’t have to worry much about what graphic card do you have.

RTS Commander is currently available with a brand new Update! This variant includes 10 levels.
Research the world surface…

Sport has over 30 distinct kinds of Earth, Air and Space units. These troops are developed right in Republic headquarter so as to conquer rebels. Fight your way to success! Each one of these vehicles has its own flaws and advantages.

With this Release, your foundation has been constructed, but in the future gameplay generally requires the participant to build a foundation and get resources. All available constructions of this faction selected by the participant are built on-site at the so-called building yard.

Most of us know that fantastic music is a significant element in a match. That, therefore, we’ve carefully chosen what type of music is playing each degree and created enough tunes so you may enjoy listening to a few different music tracks while playing with. This newest version isn’t partially complete for songs, however. Whispering Shadow grade comprises music from Audionatix music manufacturer, their paths are Don’t Cease, Forest Rhythm and United We Groove. Whispering Shadows comprise also audio that we’ve made ourselves. Whispering Shadows level comprises also audio by Eric Matyas, He’s operating in Soundimage Org and his paths are all Urban Jungle, Dark Techno City, Light Years_v001,

Cold Moon and Steamtech Mayhem.

All characters and places utilized in this sport are untrue. Any similarity to actual persons, places, and vehicles is purely coincidental. The terrain is a puzzle at first, darkened from the shroud of this undiscovered

Carefully designed maps, terrains, and comprehensive objects. New kinds of 3D-objects will soon be added to the match on another upgrade.

Smash The Rebels comprises these attributes and will continue to rise

Cents Supports a huge array of distinct screen sizes, supports additionally ultra broad monitors (2560Ö1080).

Â$pennies 360 levels views! (see gameplay )
â$pennies Clever AI
â$pennies Several Units
â$pennies Turrets
â$pennies Structures
â$pennies 2 Factions
â$pennies Obstacles
â$pennies Pause -serve by pressing the P -crucial
â$pennies Weapons
â$pennies Tech Trees
â$pennies One thrilling FPS-level
â$pennies Wonderful 360-view conflicts
â$pennies Awesome music tracks

Your faction is Earth Republic Government (ERG), the best alliance of humankind’s background. Struggling for Freedom! Is ERG infamous motto. ERG considers that human destiny is in the additional development and exploitation of this technology. Over fifty percent of the earth a part of the Alliance.

The Earth Republic swears to the electricity of collaboration, engineering, freedom, human rights, and democracy. In Earth Republic military you will turn into a bit of the very well-oiled machine in entire world history.

The enemy is greedy, barbarous and erratic tyranny named Eastern Dynasty. They swear by the name of older technologies, petroleum, and the waste of natural resources, as well as the slavery of these people. Eastern Dynasty has a very competitive military and they’ve spent to war and military technologies over the Earth Republic. As a rebel team, their direction is based with the Command, a visible amalgamated of military specialists and leaders who guide the liberation attempts as a whole.

Technical Characteristics of The Release:

Before beginning RTS Commander Smash The Rebels Free Downloads ensure that your PC meets minimum system requirements.


* However AI requires processing power, so for many times, smooth gameplay urges are on right.
* Storage: 9 GB available space
* Added Notes: It’s possible to play the sport using Steam Controller, however in addition, you will need to use the mouse in certain areas of the game.


* Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent
* Memory: 4 GB RAM
* Graphics: GeForce 600 string or AMD equivalent
* Storage: 11 GB available space
* Added Notes: It’s likely to play the sport using Steam Controller, however, in addition, you will need to use a mouse at certain areas of the game.

Click the above to Begin RTS Commander Smash The Rebels. It’s complete and complete game. Simply download and begin playing with it. We’ve provided direct links complete installment of this sport.

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