Root Letter: Last Answer Announced To Be Released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, Teaser Trailer Also Released

Root Letter Last Answer

Sony previously announced that the Root Letter: Last Answer will be displayed on the Tokyo Game Show 2018. It was also announced that the game will be accompanying a number of other titles that are part of Sony’s TGS2018 games lineup. However, the publisher did not reveal on what platforms the game will release on.

Sony has now officially revealed that game will in fact release on both PS4 and PS Vita on the same dates. Latest news about the release confirmation of Root Letter: Last Answer came out on TGS 2018. It was revealed on TGS 2018 website recently.

Kadokawa Games announced Root Letter: Last Answer back in August 2018. However, the studio did not announce the game’s format. The Kadokawa Games announcement also came with a teaser trailer. Moreover, the studio also announced that in the game, Ako Yamamoto will play the role of Aya Fumino. Aya Fumino will be featuring in the game as the main heroine. This was revealed via the games original website last year.

Check out Root Letter: Last Answer teaser trailer below.

According to the latest developments about the game, in addition to Root Letter: Last Answer, Root Letter 2 is also currently in the development phase.

The Root Letter: Last Answer was released last year in Japan in June 2016. The game was released on both PS4 and PS Vita. Additionally, in the European regions, the game was released via Rice Digital and PQube in October 2016. In North American regions, Root Letter: Last Answer was released on PC in July 2017. The PC Version of the game came out via Steam.

For all the PS4 and PS Vita fans, this is indeed the biggest news this year as they have been waiting for the Root Letter: Last Answer for a long time. Hopefully, the game will offer the same amount of entertainment on both these platforms.


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