Root Letter: Last Answer First Official Trailer and Screenshots Released, The Game to Include Live Action and Original Illustrations

Root Letter: Last Answer

Root Letter: Last Answer was announced for PS4 and PlayStation Vita a little over last week. Now, the developer has, in fact, released the first ever official trailer for the game. In addition, the Kadokawa Games has also released some screenshots for both the game and characters. According to the devs, the game will also include live action and original illustrations of characters and environment.

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First Ever Trailer for Root Letter: Last Answer Released

The trailer features several of Root Letter: Last Answer characters which helps us compare both the Live Action and the original game-play. In addition, the trailer shows off the great works of Taro Minoboshi as the illustrated content. This is something that the players missed in the original Root Letter video game.

We now know that the live action mode is called Drama Mode in the game, thanks to the new trailer. It is called Drama mode because it recreates the atmosphere of T.V dramas at its core. It also includes over 90 new actors and various real-world destinations. The Original mode of the game includes all the original Artwork for the game.

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In addition to all this, several new improvements are also added to the game. Players will be treated to better route branching as well as they will now reach every other ending excluding the true game ending at the very first play-through. Moreover, the much-requested skipping feature is also now included in the game. As part of this new trailer, we can see that the game has a way more improved Ul inventory than before.

More gameplay areas are now responsive and also specific conditions to unlock trophies have been relaxed too. Additionally, some new conditions to unlock the trophies are added to Root Letter: Last Answer.

Root Letter: Last Answer was announced last month by Kadokawa games. A sequel to the game was also announced and is speculated to be named Root Letter 2. The game will make a debut on PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch on 20th December 2018 in Japan. A western release and release date for Root Letter: Last Answer was not revealed.

Check out the latest images released by Kadokawa Games for Root Letter: Last Answer below:


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