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Whacked right from his skull, man! Road Redemption has you play as part of a biker gang, searching a profitable bounty too long, winding streets and unleashing a whole host of violence on the way. And it is. Road Redemption earns its 18 ratings by pushing on the scale of bloodlust as it could go. From using machine guns on your rival riders while racing at high rates, swinging a club in a rider to both sides to knock them off their bikes or, under its gory episode, slicing a different rider’s head clean off using a sword, Road Redemption is all about the shock and amazement. It is a sport that serves as a spiritual successor to Road Rash, a series that had its beginnings on the Sega Mega Drive. Both heavily place the emphasis on the explosive anger associated with biker gangs, together with the true riding side coming across as a leading component. You may hop on a bike and play with a level from the off, but the meat and potatoes of Road Redemption come in its campaign mode, which can be played with one or two players. After sitting through a loading screen and picking out a bike and rider, you be thrust onto the road for the action.

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Level goals can include a straight race, a set number of opponents to kill, reaching the finish within a set period, and much more, so the overall gameplay is diverse, but there’s still a samey sense which filters through. You see, each level has. Using your nitro (by double-tapping that the accelerator button) will level the playing field, often jettisoning you way beyond the bunch if you’ve got a complete nitro meter at your disposal (it is possible to replenish this meter by driving through pickups across the course and by eliminating other riders from their bikes). But despite the nitro pushing you forward, there looks like a magnet pulling you and at least one other rider together side by side, so the emphasis is placed on the fisticuffs within the sweet racing lines. There are usually additional riders across the track to keep you participated if you perform the race too far in front, and also the added challenge of fending off the cops does keep things interesting.



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