A Complete Guide To Finish Risk Of Rain 2: Moon Worshipper Challenge!

Risk Of Rain 2: Moon Worshipper Challenge Guide

Risk of Rain 2 Moon worshipper challenge is one of the many great ones in upcoming much awaited third person Roguelike shooter video game. Risk of Rain 2 is the second part of Risk Of Rain released in 2013. Things have come a long way since then. It’s developed by Hopoo games and its publishing partner is Gearbox.  There are more chances for players to explore and discover diverse possessions. Many new things are updated in this sequel like new cast characters and a wide variety of great challenges. This part has more action and dimensions. Challenges are tasks which should be completed by players to get access to various items, characters and modern equipments. Among these great challenges, one is Moon Worshipper. Instructions are given in the menu related to this challenge but it’s always not easy to understand. By keeping an eye on the challenge tab in log book, players can keep track of their completed challenges.

What is Moon Worshipper Challenge?

In order to finish this challenge, players have to carry five lunar items in just one run. This looks simple enough but the main worry is to find the lunar items. Players will make many runs through the game and not once find the actual lunar item. Sometimes they will be in close vicinity with a lunar item but will not be able to recognize it. Now our main focus is on how to recognize the lunar items? The solution is very easy because all the lunar items in game are blue in color which makes them dissimilar from uncommon and common items that are usually green, red or grey colored. They come in ascending order i.e. rarity, common, uncommon, boss related and in the last comes lunar. There are only five lunar items in risk of rain 2 which are as follows:

  • Brittle Crown
  • Gesture Of the Drowned
  • Corpsebloom
  • Transcendence
  • Shaped Glass

Players need to gather these 5 items. These items give boost to players. They can be all of these 5 or five of the same item. They just have to collect five items in a single run to complete the moon worshipper challenge. Players will be rewarded and various new challenges will be unlocked. Lunar items do not appear out of the blue. They can be purchased with lunar coins at lunar pads or bazaar between times. It means there is another way to finish this challenge, just collect the lunar coins and buy the lunar items.  Glowing meteorite equipment will be unlocked as a reward for concluding the challenge. As a result of activating this equipment, meteors will rain from the sky damaging all characters for 600% damage per blast. The effect lasts for 20 seconds. You don’t have to depend totally on luck now. Just increase your lunar coins and end this challenge. This challenge has more significance and value than others because of its great reward. Don’t get confused and finish it.

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