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RIG 700 PRO HX Headset for Xbox Review

RIG 700 PRO HX Headset

We as a whole realize that the gaming scene has totally detonated as of late. What was once the space of the ’80s kids and their control center or an underground organization of PC players connecting as one, has blasted into the standard with the fight for incomparability between Xbox, PlayStation and, less significantly, Nintendo. Truth be told, the gaming scene is presently a spot for all: youthful, old, talented, befuddled anybody can get a regulator, fire up their supported gaming control center and discover something to identify with.

In any case, it’s difficult to be in the actual games where the scene has grabbed hold, for the frill that has been made to improve the encounters are additionally ample. No more so than with the unassuming headset. Throughout the most recent few years however an enormous number of third and first gathering makers have attempted to muscle in on this scene, giving all way of choices: the modest, the costly, wired, remote and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

One of the individuals who have acquired some genuine foothold, especially over the most recent two years, is that of RIG; a brand that has now been gotten by the always energetic NACON. It’s with this new buyout that NACON are hoping to push on in the headset area, taking what was beforehand as of now very great, adjusting it somewhat, and pushing it out to advertise again in a cutting edge style. They’ve taken that propriety with the RIG 500 Gen-2, and are presently likewise doing it with the RIG 700 PRO HX.

We previously evaluated the RIG 700HX at the back finish of 2019, preceding NACON sprinkled the money and tossed a PRO moniker at it. We were strongly intrigued as well, and while it wasn’t exactly fair enough to make us take the RIG 800LX from our heads, it was surely one to think about buying. I surmise that implies that with a somewhat changed overhaul, another USB remote connector and that PRO tag set up, the 700 PRO HX should in any case be on the radar?

Well yes, it does, for practically all that has been changed with the cutting edge variant of the RIG 700 PRO HX has been to improve things.

Anybody acquainted with RIG items will practically realize what’s in store here and with the 700 PRO HX you’re outwitting RIG in one super bundle: ultralight outline, remote abilities, confining earcups, Dolby Atmos support, splendid correspondence openings and a fairly extraordinary plan.

As far as the plan, the RIG 700 PRO HX headset comes to showcase practically along similar levels as in the past, just with some unpretentious revamping. The outer frame is like past, however presently NACON has implanted a suspension-styled headband to the item, getting rid of the old froth padding. Any individual who has utilized this style of headset already will realize that is an extraordinary call as it guarantees the 700 PRO HX can accommodate your head easily, with the suspended band dropping all weight from the highest point of your head.

Incorporate the now standard RIG movability that is found in the actual headband – three scores are used rather than the typical slider you would discover somewhere else – and join that with the idiotically low weight of 240 grams – and you have something that is right up there with the most agreeable headset you might at any point envision.

It’s aided along by some amazingly all-around padded earcups that encompass the 40mm drivers that are incorporated. These are cushioned with a mix of a cowhide material close by fabric outers and are an outright euphoria to have to stroke your ears. This is a headset that you can undoubtedly wear for quite a long time at a time, in all circumstances, while never feeling the warmth or any type of uneasiness.

Marked for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC – albeit the RIG 700 likewise comes in HS structure for PlayStation players as well – the new 700 PRO HX is fueled by an 850 mAh battery that should see you ideal for anything up to around 18 hours of play – again increased from the past adaptation’s 12 hours. We’re not persuaded we’ve at any point very got that number out of the headset in certifiable use, however, when that juice begins to run low a straightforward fitting and play with the included USB-A to Micro-USB link for a little while will see you put right once more. It’s somewhat of a disgrace that NACON hasn’t chosen to bet everything here and toss some USB-C love at the 700 PRO HX however, particularly as that is quickly turning into the norm for all. Also however, it’s no huge arrangement to be left with Micro-USB.

The need to control it up does obviously imply that the RIG 700 PRO HX is a remote headset and with no 3.5mm jack present by any means, you will not have the option to utilize this across a scope of gadgets. Rather the recently upgraded USB-A remote connector will guarantee full availability with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10 PC, with it simply being a straightforward instance of connecting it to your supported USB-An attachment, turning the headset on and anticipating association affirmation. It’s a basic cycle to get ready for action and through testing, we’ve not seen a solitary drop or issue with association – indeed, it’s been unshakable all through.

The new remote connector is a major improvement over the old-style link and box that the past 700 HX accompanied, and while we’d have jumped at the chance to have seen the utilization of a marginally more limited unit, what is incorporated here is practically standard stuff.

Once associated, you are more than nice to roll. With Dolby Atmos support out of the case, a full volume dial, a different game/talk balance dial and a simple to-hit quiet catch-all present on the left cup, gaming into the extremely early times with the RIG 700 PRO HX is a snap. Keeping associated with your mates and online crew is simple too, for the most part, because of the separable mic. While many may well really like to track down a flip-to-quiet contribution here – and we’re unquestionably in that bunch on account of the simplicity in which we lose things that can be taken out – the separable mic that is available has been only a delight to utilize. It considers some great correspondence across gaming channels, with guidelines conveyed without breaking a sweat.

Those sounds returning the alternate way through the earcups are basically the same. Regardless of whether that be down sound, party visit, or a mix of both, the RIG 700 PRO HX has never let us down. In case of truth be known, with the incorporation of Dolby Atmos just in case, there have been times when we’ve been blown away with the drenching that the sound brings, as it ricochets around from side-to-side, solidly settling in you in the involvement with hand.

One exceptionally slight negative however is that the most extreme volume permitted when gaming on Xbox Series X|S isn’t exactly just about as incredible as we’d like. We’ve continually been left tinkering with the volume controls on both the control center and the headset with the expectation that we could get things gone up to 11, however it simply misses the mark there. It’s totally fine for most the gaming meetings, yet when you wish to simply kick back and daydream with any semblance of AVICII Invector, we’ve been left somewhat baffled by the altogether volume. However, then, at that point, maybe it’s not in every case best to have everything beating your head for quite a long time.

On the whole, how NACON has managed an all-around extraordinary item should be praised. The RIG 700 PRO HX headset for Xbox is effectively up there with the most agreeable headsets that we’ve at any point worn, the remote capacities are unshakable and the most recent revisions with this cutting edge PRO form have all been to improve things. Gracious, and it helps that the Dolby Atmos sound it conveys is heavenly as well. Somewhat more oomph in out and out volume would have been decent, yet this is a headset that anybody would gladly use as an everyday driver.

Colossal gratitude goes out to NACON for furnishing us with the RIG 700 PRO HX for unpacking and audit. In the event that you wish to get the headset for yourself, head over to NACON direct.

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