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RIG 500 Pro HX Gen 2 Wired Gaming Headset Review

RIG 500 Pro HX Gen 2 Wired

As we live in a universe of progressively double decisions, it seems like in any event, gaming headsets are beginning to fall into two camps: those that are attempting to mask themselves as standard earphones so you can take them on the transport, and those that many would discover a shame to wear when the draperies aren’t drawn with gleaming, rakish and mechanical plans.

Apparatus’ headset slant towards the last classification. Their mechanical fake shot steel headbands and webbed earpieces are not actually a smooth current look, but rather on the off chance that you can look past the visible presentation, you’ll see that RIG is reliably constructing the absolute best gaming headsets available, with scarcely an ounce of ballyhoo for doing as such.

After a long session of gaming, my ears were slightly warm, but the soft fabric on the inner side of the earcups made that less of a problem than it might be elsewhere. Overall the comfort levels are excellent; I love the floating headbands that companies like RIG and Steelseries have put to good use in recent years, and they’re certainly my preferred headband option. The 500 Pro HX sticks with RIG’s patented adjustment setup where you can pop the earpieces out and shift them further up or down the fixed headband. It’s simple, effective, and seems to be suitable for both larger and smaller heads. You can be sure that it’s exactly where you left it too, which isn’t something you can say about every headset. Thanks to their wired nature, you can indulge in a bit of virtual surround sound, depending on the platform you’re using. Both Dolby Atmos on Xbox and PC and the PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech worked impressively well with the 500 Pro HX, and if you’re needing a little bit of a boost to your competitive FPS-ing then you’re going to find it here, adding an extra layer of accuracy to footsteps and gunfire that’ll have you eating that chicken dinner in no time at all… or humble pie if your fingers and thumbs get in a tizzy.

The RIG 500 Pro HX resembles quite a few of its archetypes, however, a few things have changed in the background. In the past a piece of the Plantronics family, the RIG brand has now tracked down-home with French uber-outfit Nacon, who appear to be resolved to bring everything to all gamers. Honestly, on the off chance that they carry in transit, they’re going, I’m glad to invite our new Gallic overlords.

While this variation is promoted for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, the 500 Pro HX is outfitted with a 3.5mm jack, which means you can plug it into any of your control centers that were made over the most recent ten years, or even a unique Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in case you’re so disposed. I’ve bounced into some NEO: The World Ends With You on PS5 and Monster Hunter Stories 2 on Switch with it and I can affirm that the 3.5mm connector fits both of these specific 3.5mm attachments.

It’s appended by a slender, level link that is an incredible length in case you’re joining it to something close by – there’s no irritating abundance to disrupt the general flow, yet don’t anticipate being meandering anyplace without whatever gadget you have it connected to. Mostly down the link, there’s a lightweight inline regulator including a volume slider, while the lone other actual control is simply the receiver arm connection that quiets when you slant it up far removed.

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It’s a removable mic arm, which stays an extraordinary component to me since you would consistently prefer not to play seriously, or consistently need to converse with others when you’re gaming. At the point when joined, the adaptable metal mic arm can be situated precisely where you need it to be, and it will not move around at all except if you need it to.

Voice visit is astounding; intelligible, fresh, and with a characteristic tone that doesn’t make it sound like you’re talking through a modest kid’s walkie-talkie. Companions affirmed that I sounded very much such as myself, however, they couldn’t affirm if this was something to be thankful for.

At the point when you consider the pricepoint that Nacon is hitting with the 500 Pro HX, things truly take a jump up. This is outstanding amongst other sounding headsets out there in around its £70 sticker price.

The extraordinary soundtrack of NEO: The World Ends With You sounded incredible through my experience with it, helping the vocals neatly through on a resoundingly robust bass reaction. Essentially Monster Hunter Stories 2: Rings of Ruin sounded extraordinary while I played in handheld mode on the Switch. The taking off soundtrack, the hints of the fight, and the horde exhibit of Monstie’s calls were cheerfully shipped to my ears by the 50mm drivers.

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It’s little astonishment that Avengers: Endgame and the new DC comic connection Death Metal – which just has a passing similarity to genuine demise metal – likewise profited with the 500 Pro HX’s top-notch conveyance. The sound is effectively a counterpart for headsets that expense over £100. After a long meeting of gaming, my ears were marginally warm, yet the delicate texture on the internal side of the earcups made that to a lesser degree an issue than it very well maybe somewhere else. In general, the solace levels are magnificent; I love the gliding headbands that organizations like RIG and Steelseries have effectively utilized as of late, and they’re unquestionably my favored headband choice.

The 500 Pro HX sticks with RIG’s licensed change arrangement where you can pop the earpieces out and shift them further up or down the fixed headband. It’s straightforward, powerful, and is by all accounts reasonable for both bigger and more modest heads. You can be certain that it’s actually where you left it as well, which isn’t something you can say about each headset.

On account of their wired nature, you can enjoy a touch of virtual encompass sound, contingent upon the stage you’re utilizing. Both Dolby Atmos on Xbox and PC and the PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech functioned admirably with the 500 Pro HX, and in case you’re requiring a tad of a lift to your serious FPS-ing then you will discover it here, adding an additional layer of precision to strides and gunfire that will make them have that chicken supper in the blink of an eye by any means… or humble pie if your fingers and thumbs get all worked up.

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