RETROMAZE iOS Latest Version Free Download

RETROMAZE iOS Latest Version Free Download

RETROMAZE iOS Latest Version Free Download

RetroMaze is a Puzzle Casual and Arcade game for PC. Calm mind focusing with this match!

RetroMaze PC Sport Overview:

A cool maze game with its amazing colours and artwork styles where you’re likely to resolve 30 distinct degrees and calm your mind with its trendy music.

A calming retro wave stylized puzzle game which boosts the challenge as you move throughout the amounts. RetroMaze includes an impressive soundtrack, in addition to a visual notion.
Surprisingly, for one game that is definitely focused on accomplishment farming, RetroMaze is actually enjoyable. If you are among those characters who sit and emotionally perform the maze at the close of the grain box at the afternoon, or if like a kid you frequently produced the mazes in action books prior to anything else, this game is for you. There are only 30 phases, and each single one of these would require about a minute or less to complete; for people who are good at eyeballing the planned escape route. It is a ride, although it is a experience that is fast.

The visuals are fine, and the audio is actually relaxing and enjoyable. The Retrowave aesthetic is a fad that is massive but it is perfect and it never becomes outdated. The controls are easy enough, using WSAD to handle the little ball, change to make it quickly, command to make it slow, and R to replicate the degree. The only thing concerning RetroMaze is. From the end of everything you will come out with a mild danakednessbut hey at least you will have remarkable great accomplishment tiles. On a serious note, individuals that are very likely to seizures because of flickering lights won’t be capable to play this match.

Features of RetroMaze :

  • Custom key mapping (with “go lazy” and “go wild” opportunities for more numerous control and a key to restart the current level).
  • CRT screen effect (with options).
  • Cool retro wave stylized visual, soundtrack and achievements.
  • Plans on adding trading cards, impressive backgrounds and emoticons.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel or AMD 1.3Ghz
  • Graphics: Integrated graphics
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 50 MB available space
RETROMAZE iOS Latest Version Free Download
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