Resident Evil 2 Villain Ada Wong True Appearance Leaked, New Image Surfaces Online

Resident Evil 2 Ada Wong

Till now, the true identity and appearance of Ada Wong had been an enigma for the Resident Evil 2 fans. According to a new leak, fans can now have a look at her in a way better quality than before.

According to the new leak on Reddit Ada Wong from Resident Evil 2 is seen wearing a Trench Coat, a Scarf, and Sunglasses. The leaked image is apparently captured from a magazine, but offer way more clarity than all the ones surfaced over the web before.

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The alleged leak of Ada Wong’s character has appeared online from some unknown Chinese source. The watermark on the image suggests it, but the true identity of the source is still unknown. Fans around the globe are searching for the source, and hopefully, it’ll be revealed soon.

The apparent look of Ada Wong matches a lot to the one in the game’s original trailer revealed by the developer. The only difference is that unlike the reveal trailer, this time her face isn’t hidden under shadows. So, the fans can now have a better look at how she looks. This ultimately offers a detailed look at the characters villainous nature as well.

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The leaked image also matches to the one shown in the character’s concept art. The concept art of Ada Wong was showcased on the game’s official website in the gallery section.

As there is no official word released by Capcom, fans should take this one with a grain of salt. However, the image seems legit and hopefully this will be the original character of Ada Wong. Since the developer hasn’t yet said a word about it, we don’t have much information out at this point. As soon as anything new is revealed, we’ll be the very first to let you know. Stay tuned for more on the Ada Wong leak.


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