Resident Evil 2 30 Minutes of New PS4 Game-play Footage Released by Capcom Staring The Character of Claire Redfield In Action

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Resident Evil 2, the remake of the critically acclaimed Horror Survival title of the same name gets a new 30 minutes game-play reveal by Capcom. Capcom offers the game-play footage on PS4 and it literally shows off a lot than previously expected. The new footage shows off the character of Claire Redfield in Action as well.

The game-play footage offers way more clarity on the game-play, characters, and a lot of other things. The fans will see Claire pitched against a monster with a big tumor on its shoulder. As Claire, fans will have to face this and a lot of other monsters in the game to achieve its goals. Additionally, with the new game-play footage, it is now confirmed that the character of Claire will, in fact, be part of the game.

It’s literally a good news for all the Resident Evil 2 fans as they have been waiting for this particular character to be included in the game for long. With the announcement, players are waiting for the game to release. So they can actually play and enjoy the groundbreaking Resident Evil 2.

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The character of Claire Redfield will be offered with very few changes in the basic model, confirms Capcom. Also, the new gameplay footage shows off some of the most demanded features in the game. Hopefully, now after the character of Claire is confirmed, fans will see some more of these footages that will let them know what awaits them.

Unfortunately, at the moment, this much of the info is out about Resident Evil 2. As soon as more information will come out, we’ll relay it to you. What’s your take on the release of new resident Evil game-play footage? What are your favorite characters in the game? Do let us know via the comments below.

Check out the new gameplay footage for Resident Evil 2 below.


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