Reigns: Kings and Queens All Set for a September 20th Launch on Nintendo Switch, Confirms Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital and Nerial’s adventure RPG and strategic marvel Reigns: Kings and Queens is finally all set for a launch on Nintendo Switch. According to the duo, the game will launch on 20th September 2018 on the console.

Devolver Digital made an announcement today on twitter about the release date of the game. The publisher further stated that the game includes a new local Co-op mode as well. Well, it’s a good news for all those who’ve played previous Reigns games without the Co-op mode.

Kings and Queens offers both the Reigns and Reigns: Her Majesty. Meaning, both these games will also be available in the Reigns: Kings and Queens package.

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As you can get the idea by the title, Kings, and Queens, you’ll know that it is actually made on the idea of bringing together both the previous games. So, it’s your ultimate chance to enjoy every one of the Reigns series games.

In addition, the game offers a simple narrative and game-play. It allows you to act as a monarch, sit on the throne and by just swiping left or right, enforce your will upon your kingdom. Moreover, you’ll have to entertain the requests of your advisors, peasants, enemies, and allies. Maintaining the balance in the kingdom is your first priority in the game.

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The game offers some new features as well that weren’t presented in any of the previous games of the series. One of those key features is the inclusion of both previous games in this new one. Similarly, you’ll be able to enjoy Co-operative game-play in Kings and Queens with only one Joy-Con for each player.

A remarkable new feature in the game is that it utilizes both the touch controls and the Joystick controls. This offers more control and precise movements enhancing your experience of the game.


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