RedmiBook Pro Review: Fast But Flawed (2021)

RedmiBook Pro Review: Fast But Flawed (2021)


  • Tough form
  • Astounding pivot quality
  • Good port determination
  • Great battery life


  • The presentation is out and out terrible
  • No backdrop illumination on the console
  • No USB Type-C port


The RedmiBook 15 Pro PC is estimated at Rs 49,999 in India, a sticker price with which it’s slicing it truly near last year’s Mi Notebook 14 Horizon. Concluding whether to purchase the RedmiBook 15 Pro boils down to getting what the enormous disadvantages are. For this situation, the two significant provisos we are taking a gander at are the screen quality and the absence of backdrop illumination on the console, the two of which, as I would like to think, are enormous corners to cut.


Redmi has denoted its entrance into the PC section in India with the dispatch of new PCs – the RedmiBook 15 Pro and the RedmiBook 15 e-Learning version. The organization is hoping to reproduce the achievement it had in the sound, wearable, and TV space by attempting to offer more incentive for cash in the PC space too.

RedmiBook Pro

The RedmiBook 15 Pro PC brings an Intel Core i5-11300H CPU with 8GB RAM and Intel’s Iris Xe designs. On paper, the PC appears as though it can clash with more costly PCs available. I was really eager to test the RedmiBook 15 Pro PC to check whether I at long last had a PC that I could call the best machine under Rs 50,000, a sticker price that generally doesn’t get an excess of affection in the PC space as I would like to think. All things considered, I have been utilizing the RedmiBook 15 Pro as my day by day machine for everyday responsibilities and I think I am prepared to respond to that inquiry.


  • RedmiBook 15 Pro Specifications
  • Processor: eleventh Gen Intel Core i5-11300H, 4.4GHz max clock
  • Designs: Intel Iris Xe Graphics – 80EU
  • Slam: 8GB DDR4 installed
  • Capacity:
  • 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD
  • Show: (39.62cm) 15.6-inch,FHD (1920×1080) 16:9, TN board


Xiaomi has chosen to go with a H-series processor for the RedmiBook Pro which is somewhat fascinating. I need to call attention to that despite the fact that this is a H-series processor, it’s basically a U-series chip climbing to 35W. The presentation will be somewhat better however I thought I’d add this information to clear the disarray around utilizing an exhibition based processor that is generally found in gaming workstations. This, nonetheless, implies the RedmiBook 15 Pro is likewise more impressive than the Mi Notebook Horizon Edition that was fitted with an Intel Core i7-10710U.

RedmiBook Pro

The outcome is obviously reflected in the set-up of benchmarks that I ran on this PC to think about the crude execution of this machine. In PCMark 10’s Modern office test which tests the PC’s presentation for everyday jobs, the RedmiBook Pro figured out how to score 4,851. The Mi NoteBook 14 Horizon Edition had the option to score 4205. The RedmiBook Pro figured out how to approach the ASUS ExpertBook B9400 Ultrabook that is controlled by the Core i7-1165G7.

RedmiBook 15 Pro PCMark 10 Score Comparison

Continuing on to Cinebench R23, the RedmiBook Pro scored 4647 in the multi-center test and 1424 in the single-center test. These scores are higher than the Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition. Both are quad-center CPUs here yet the higher TDP is helping the RedmiBook’s i5-11300H hit quicker recurrence. These numbers reflect very well in true utilization too. The RedmiBook 15 Pro would deal with a huge load of Google Chrome tabs and even have a few applications running behind the scenes. None of it was an issue for this PC as I was utilizing it as my day by day driver.

Continuing on to the illustrations execution of the PC, the RedmiBook Pro as I referenced before accompanies Intel Iris Xe designs. There’s no discrete GPU here in this machine and that is fine in light of the fact that the body doesn’t feel like it can deal with the thermals. The Iris Xe designs that are matched with the Intel Core i5-11300H has a maximum powerful recurrence of 1.3Ghz. It has 80 execution units which is a decent number. It’s generally higher on presentation arranged scratch pad. Essentially, the higher this number is, the better your exhibition will be.

As far as illustrations execution, the Iris Xe GPU had the option to convey the outcomes that I was anticipating from the machine. In 3DMark’s FireStrike test, the RedmiBook Pro figured out how to score 1824 which is lower in contrast with Mi NoteBook 14 Horizon Edition’s score. That is reasonable considering the way that it’s fitted with a discrete GPU MX350 GPU. That being said, the RedmiBook Pro Iris Xe designs figured out how to score higher than what ThinkPad 14’s AMD Radeon 625 illustrations scored as you can see here. Here are the remainder of the 3DMark scores on the off chance that you are pondering –

RedmiBook 15 Pro 3D Mark Scores

I additionally gave messing around a shot the RedmiBook Pro. In Valorant, I had the option to hit the 60FPS mark rather serenely. I need to call attention to that this isn’t a gaming PC and it’s not fitted with a high invigorate rate board so hold your assumptions under tight restraints. Indeed, even the Iris Xe designs won’t assist you with that. In any case, I was additionally ready to play GTA V and it turned out great generally as long as I set the designs settings to support the exhibition. Games like Apex Legends, FIFA 21, DOTA 2, and so forth will likewise turn out great. You might battle to play the cutting edge AAA titles however as I said, this is certifiably not a committed gaming PC, in any case.

The RedmiBook 15 Pro isn’t by and large an inventive cordial PC since it doesn’t have the vital instruments. And yet, it’s likewise not a “showing up woefully unprepared” sort of circumstance. The Intel Core i5-11300H is particularly fit for pushing through some imaginative responsibility applications. To test the presentation, I started up the Blender test and the test results for those tests are displayed beneath –

RedmiBook 15 Pro Blender Render Times

The RedmiBook 15 Pro was additionally ready to deal with Adobe Lightroom delivers well overall. I stacked up a couple hundred RAW records from a Nikon D850 onto the RedmiBook 15 Pro’s interior SSD to perceive how it would deal with the delivering cycle. Delivering these 45-megapixel RAW records is a big deal and I’d say the RedmiBook 15 Pro made a nice showing by not keeping me sitting tight for seemingly forever.

The RedmiBook 15 Pro had the option to deliver a cluster of 50 RAW documents in 216 seconds, 100 RAW records in 404 seconds, and 200 RAW records in 795 seconds. These numbers are clearly not unreasonably excellent but rather they’re likewise genuinely fair for a scratch pad that is not basically implied for substantial responsibilities like this. The H35 processor is certainly placing in the work to convey a decent presentation. All centers were started up during the render cycle true to form and the single-center lift clock hit 4.3Ghz.

RedmiBook 15 Pro Davinci Resolve Test

Continuing on to Davinci Resolve, I had the option to send out a ~20 mins 1080p H.264 MP4 video quickly and 5 seconds. This span could’ve been diminished in case there was a discrete GPU influencing everything here. That being said, then, at that point the RedmiBook 15 Pro had the option to send out it quicker than the Mi Notebook 14 Horizon release despite the fact that it has a discrete GPU. Davinci Resolve is referred to put both the GPU just as your CPU to work while producing trades, so I am not amazed to see the RedmiBook 15 Pro perform better here for this situation.

In general, I’d say the RedmiBook can basically be utilized for photograph and video altering applications too. Obviously, it won’t blow you away with its presentation, yet I am happy to the processor having the option to perform well despite the fact that it choked down a considerable amount during the cycle. You should utilize an intermediary while altering recordings to save some time prior to hitting the render button.

Ultimately, Xiaomi has utilized a Lexar 512GB SSD and CrystalDiskMark reveals to me that it has a maximum successive read-compose speed of 1610 MB/s and 1440 MB/s individually. This, in the event that you are pondering, is somewhat on the more slow side when contrasted and some other standard scratch pad like the HP Pavilion Laptop 13 because of the betterquality SSDs.

RedmiBook 15 Pro CrystalDiskMark

Taking a gander at everything, I think the RedmiBook 15 Pro conveys a beautiful strong presentation energetic about some individual figures. The RedmiBook 15 Pro’s exhibition figured out how to intrigue me even outside of the engineered benchmark. Truth be told, it performs far superior to a great deal of different workstations in this value range.

Before we talk about different parts of this PC, I need to examine thermals to reveal some insight into how the Intel Core i5-11300H lives inside this case. Fitting a 35W CPU inside this body, as I referenced, appeared as though a somewhat intriguing choice to me and that was generally because of the thermals. Just to place things into point of view, even the 28W Intel Core i5-1165G7 will in general run hot on body like this.

True to form, the Intel Core i5-11300H was being stifled because of the thermals. When the Cinebench R23 multi-center test begins to pull those centers, the CPU temperature takes off past 95°C drawing nearer to the TJMax furthest reaches of 100°C. In this manner, the CPU begins to choke beneath the base clock of 3.10Ghz to hold the temperatures under wraps. The chart beneath shows the spike that happened at first, after which the temperatures drop down to hold the CPU and the framework back from overheating.

RedmiBook 15 Pro CPU Temperature Graph

The Intel Core i5-11300H CPU has a ‘Configurable TDP-down Frequency’ of 2.6Ghz at 28W and that is by all accounts the perfect balance for this processor. I saw a comparable conduct while running GPU-related jobs on the RedmiBook 15 Pro. The consolidated bundle temperature wound up hitting a pinnacle temperature after which the framework began choking.

Is this an awful sign? All things considered, it’s not strange for PCs, particularly the ones without a modern cooling answer for choke. However, it makes me keep thinking about whether utilizing a lower TDP processor would’ve mitigated a portion of the warming issues. Short eruptions of CPU use or everyday jobs may not be influenced.


In case there’s one thing about this PC that I am totally disillusioned by, then, at that point it must be the presentation. So the RedmiBook 15 Pro accompanies a 15.6-inch 1080p board. It’s a TN board which implies it has quite awful survey points and some affected shadings. I had the option to track down the specific board which Xiaomi is utilizing here for this PC, and it obviously appears to be an expense reducing measure to keep the value low.

RedmiBook Pro

RedmiBook 15 Pro Display Source

Before I even discussion about the presentation execution, I need to bring up that I wasn’t expecting a profoundly shading exact or completely adjusted board out of the case. This is anything but a costly innovative driven PC to show that sort of execution, however I was somewhat frustrated as I began taking a gander at some particular numbers which I will discuss.

RedmiBook 15 Pro Display

Above all else, I had the option to record a pinnacle splendor of 212 nits and a difference proportion of 264:1. The Calman Studio programming discloses to me that the RGB balance is misguided. The showcase shows a hefty blue inclination as you can find in this screen capture beneath. What’s more, due to that substantial blue, the shading really gushes out over to fundamentally every other shading in the range making the general board look quite awful.

I had the option to record an avg DeltaE worth of 14.7 with the maximum DeltaE esteem being just about as high as 23.5 out of the case. What’s the significance here? Indeed, basically any substance you watch on this showcase will have quite awful shadings by and large. I’m not discussing shading delicate work specifically. In any event, watching a film or a TV show will look exceptionally odd with the shadings being so off.

On the off chance that you wind up contrasting it next to each other and some other showcase, you will see that the shadings on the RedmiBook look extremely pale. That applies to complexions, blue, green, and so forth What’s more, this was the situation across all the shading ranges that I tried. Also, the presentation just covers 59% of sRGB and about 47% of DCI-P3 shading space.

You can attempt to shading adjust the board up to a specific level yet the experience is as yet going to be quite terrible given how close the review points truly are. It was sincerely truly difficult for me to save the showcase on an appropriate plot for work. I needed to continually change the point of the cover to go with my stance which was somewhat getting irritating after a point. I truly wish Xiaomi wouldn’t have compromised here in light of the fact that the presentation is in a real sense the lone thing you’d featuring at continually and this one makes it seem as though a PC you’d have purchased in, say 2014. I wish there was another approach to put it however tragically the showcase must be the most fragile part of this PC.

Continuing on, we should discuss the console, trackpad, and IO circumstance. The console deck, as should be obvious, looks basically the same as the one on the MacBook Pro short the top-confronting speakers. There’s a huge load of room here for the trackpad and palm rest. Xiaomi is utilizing a scissor instrument for the keys and really feels better.

The keys have a somewhat harsh surface that truly developed on me. It’s a great console with a decent measure of key travel and fulfilling criticism. I became acclimated to it effectively also, which is incredible. The disadvantage here is the absence of backdrop illumination, an element that makes it a major issue for some clients. A many individuals who got some information about this PC weren’t especially glad about not having a backdrop illumination for the console.

The trackpad, as should be obvious, is huge. I’m happy that Xiaomi utilized all the extra space to put a colossal trackpad with Windows Precision drivers. It’s a delicate touch trackpad with no different catches. Be that as it may, actually like the one of the Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition, the trackpad on the RedmiBook 15 Pro felt somewhat wobbly. There’s a tad bit of a play before the snaps are really enlisted. It’s anything but a major issue and you will become accustomed to it, however it merits making a note of. Despite the fact that it looks as overall quite large as the one seen on Apple’s MacBooks, it’s no place near the experience. That is fine since it’s not intended to imitate the experience, yet I simply wish it was a bit sturdier to cause me to feel more sure about my snaps.

Discussing things I like, the RedmiBook 15 Pro additionally has a sound number of ports to deal with your IO needs. What’s missing here is a USB Type-C port however you do get a USB 2.0 port, 2 USB 3.2 Gen 1 port, a HDMI port, a RJ45 port for ethernet, a 3.5mm sound jack, a Kensington lock, and a SD card peruser.

RedmiBook Pro

Not at all like the Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition that we explored before, the RedmiBook 15 Pro isn’t intended to intrigue. Truth be told, it really looks extremely plain with a genuinely quieted plan. It’s just accessible in one shading which is this Charcoal Gray and there are not a single surfaces to be seen anyplace. It looks Xiaomi was attempting to go for an insignificant look, yet I for one figure they might have given it a bit greater character.

This, coincidentally, is a polycarbonate frame and it gauges 1.8Kgs and measures 19.9mm in thickness. It’s heftier than the Mi NoteBook Horizon and a great deal of other standard machines nowadays, so you should figure out it prior to purchasing and placing it in your rucksack. The showcase likewise has a recognizable measure of bezels around it however there’s a webcam on the top this time, so that is decent. It’s a 720p webcam and the quality is, all things considered, pretty much what you’d anticipate from a spending PC with a 720p camera. The pivot associating the frame and the cover is really strong and I love the way you can lift the top with only one finger. The weight dissemination is something I like here.

The speakers are situated at the base board here, where there’s essentially nothing else separated from the vents here. You can open the screws however as I said, you can’t update the RAM and no one but capacity can be redesigned for which Xiaomi recommends you go to the closest Xiaomi administration focus. The 2W sound system speakers sound very great. They get appropriately boisterous and convey adjusted sound that is superior to some different PCs that sound little and dainty. There’s tiny bass and percussion is powerless and I even heard a bit of twisting at max volume yet it’s not the most exceedingly terrible sounding speaker I’ve heard from a PC.


The RedmiBook 15 Pro packs a 46Whr battery inside which charges through a 65W charger that comes inside the crate. In PCMark 10’s battery life test, the RedmiBook 15 Pro figured out how to keep going for 5 hours and 9 minutes at max brilliance. Just to place things into viewpoint, the Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition’s battery went on for 7 hours and 10 minutes in a similar test.

RedmiBook 15 Pro Battery Life Test

With my everyday jobs, the RedmiBook 15 Pro figured out how to keep going for around 6 hours. It’s not really noteworthy, but rather I additionally see myself as a substantial client, so you’ll have the option to get something like 8 hours of use out of the PC with the splendor set to 75% and the exhibition mode set for the battery. In general, I’d say the battery life isn’t the high-scoring part of the PC however it’s positively not an issue all things considered.

The RedmiBook 15 Pro PC is estimated at Rs 49,999 in India, a sticker price with which it’s slicing it truly near last year’s Mi Notebook 14 Horizon. Concluding whether to purchase the RedmiBook 15 Pro boils down to getting what the huge downsides are. For this situation, the two significant provisos we are taking a gander at are the screen quality and the absence of backdrop illumination on the console, the two of which, as I would see it, are tremendous corners to cut.

However, the inquiry is: Given those admonitions, would you be able to depend on the RedmiBook 15 Pro for your everyday use? Indeed, in case you are simply going to utilize this machine to do fundamental web perusing, produce records on word, email individuals, and run some YouTube recordings, then, at that point I would say you can. It probably won’t be the best experience for the most part due to the sub optimal presentation, however you can. Also, assuming you will live with that, the RedmiBook 15 Pro benefits convey benefits in different regions, from dependable execution, a decent console, a nice port choice, and battery life.

Considering the way that you have a set number of solid PCs under Rs 50,000, the RedmiBook 15 Pro is anything but a horrible alternative. It outperforms large numbers of the workstations I’d suggest in this value range. So in case you approve of its blemishes, you’ll see that the RedmiBook 15 Pro offers a considerable amount at its spending cost. If not, the HP 14 with a Ryzen 5 5500U is a commendable choice to consider as is Xiaomi’s own Mi Notebook 14 Horizon that offers a more refined involvement with a somewhat minimized body. At the hour of documenting this audit, a couple of more PCs are not too far off, so go ahead and stand by a bit longer to perceive what’s coming soon on the lookout.

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