Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Announced by Double Damage, Q1 Launch in 2019

rebel galaxy outlaw

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, the most awaited sequel to the popular Rebel Galaxy has finally been announced by Double Damage. According to the game dev, the Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is the prequel to its predecessor. In addition, Double Damage has also announced that they are aiming for game’s Q1 in 2019.

It is widely speculated that the Q1 of the game will be available on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch after the release.

According to the game’s co-founder Travis Baldree, this game is one of the most ambitious ones that the studio has ever worked on. Baldree further stated;

“We took what worked from the last title, and then went a little crazy. It’s got a stronger focus on story and place, a huge jump in detail, and while it still works great for folks with a HOTAS at home, I think we’ve managed to make space combat accessible and fun for everybody else in a way that nobody has managed before. We’ve got a lot more to share in the months ahead.”

According to other Rebel Galaxy Outlaw information circling on the web, it will be set almost 34 years prior to the Rebel galaxy. This undoubtedly makes it a prequel to the Rebel Galaxy. In addition, the players will be able to assume the role of Juno Markev. Juno plays the role of a smuggler in the game who gets back into the game world after some specific events that take place in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

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Furthermore, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will feature a total of 20 hours of music. The game will offer way more activities than its predecessor. The space battle system is said to be more enhanced as well.

With this fantastic news about the Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, came in another remarkable trailer of the game. Check out the new Rebel Galaxy Outlaw trailer below. Check out more about the game on the official website.


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