Defunct Releasing For Nintendo Switch on 13th September 2018

Defunct Racing Game

Defunct is now coming to Nintendo Switch very soon. It’s going to be made available in the Nintendo eShop probably from 13 September but it is accessible for pre-order right now.

Defunct is an indie adventure racing game made by Freshly Squeezed which focuses on the flow, gravity, and speed. You will play as a broken robot that falls from a giant ship on a post-human Earth, which is inhabited by robots. These robots need to go back to their ship before it gets late. You can use gravity in your race to safety. One can also use the Gravitize engine for manipulating the gravity to improve on the downhill and release while going uphill.

Important Features:

  • Dash through many different climates, challenges, and biomes
  • Experience amazing speed gameplay by using gravity
  • Compete for becoming the fastest with the time trial mode that gives 5 more levels
  • Perform unlockable tricks
  • Unlock skins to customize the character

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