Qualcomm is reportedly working on an Android gaming console


Qualcomm is allegedly dealing with an Android-fueled, handheld gaming console that is like a Nintendo Switch, as per Android Police and XDA’s supervisor in-boss Mishaal Rahman. The gadget would be controlled by Qualcomm’s silicon, and could hit store racks by one year from now — in the event that it winds up being a genuine item by any stretch of the imagination.

As indicated by the article, which refers to pictures seen by Android Police, the gadget would highlight separable, Joy-Con-like regulators, a SD card space, Android 12, and (obviously) 5G. Additionally noted, and certified by Rahman, is an enormous 6,000mAh battery. While the actual measurements aren’t clear, Rahman tweeted that the screen could be 6.65-inches, with a goal of in any event 1080p (the Switch’s screen is 6.2-inches and runs at 720p). He additionally showed that it could have a fan.


All in all, the gadget seems like a major cell phone with appended regulators and dynamic cooling, however that may not be something awful — the Switch sort of resembles a monster telephone as well. In any case, it likewise has a library of incredible games that no one but it can play, which is its greatest draw. While there are a lot of good gaming encounters to be had on Android, from retro emulators to games like Fortnite and Genshin Impact, Qualcomm would need to give clients a motivation behind why they should play those games on a different gadget, as opposed to on their Qualcomm Snapdragon-fueled gaming telephones with worked in catches or regulator embellishments (or on their standard telephones).

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Or if nothing else, it will if it’s attempting to offer the gadget to individuals the Android Police article shows that Qualcomm needs it to be industrially accessible, possibly at transporter retail locations. It likewise says that the value focus for the gadget is $300, equivalent to a full-sized Switch. As of now, the least expensive telephone I found with Qualcomm’s lead 888 processor, the Realme GT 5G, costs generally $430 (and is just sold in China).

In any case, Rahman takes note of that his source accepted the item was more like a reference plan than something that could at any point see store racks. Chipmakers, including Qualcomm, frequently assemble test gadgets to help different producers plan around their SOCs or radios. Here and there, these reference items even wind up being sold by different organizations under various brands, known as whitelabeling.

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It is important that the conflict between the sources could be because of vulnerability from Qualcomm itself AP accepts this venture is close to 12 months from being done, so the organization may not yet know without a doubt what it needs this to turn into.

If the gadget winds up as an item (it could without much of a stretch get dropped before it discloses an appearance), it appears as though Qualcomm is really planning and building a devoted Android gaming gadget. It’s reasonable why the organization would eye the handheld gaming market: it’s been warming up since Nvidia’s handheld Shield thought transformed into the Nintendo Switch, with powerful gaming telephones, Windows PCs with Switch-like structure factors, and an assortment of mods, exemplary handheld overhauls, and curiosity pocket gaming frameworks.

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