Quake Champions New Update Introduces New Champion Athena, Slipgate Mode and New Community Challenges, Check out the Details

Quake Champions

Quake Champions by Id Software and Saber Interactive gets a new update that introduces a new champion for the game named as Athena. In addition, the new update brings in the much-awaited Slipgate mode along with multiple community challenges.

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The newly added Slipgate mode is mainly a new Objective mode that allows up to two teams for defense and offense positions in the game. In the Slipgate mode, the defenders will fight to prevent the offenders from sealing off their Slipgate in a timed mission. Additionally, this particular mode offers no re-spawns but players get full health and armor along with every weapon available.

The new Slipgate Festival will start on October 11 and it will end on October 13th, 2018. This particular festival requires all the players to cumulatively complete a total of one million matches of Slipgate event and unlock various in-game rewards. Each and every player will get a new weapon skin pack upon their login during the Slipgate festival time period.

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Upon the completion of 100,000 matches, every player will again be rewarded with a new Quake 4 Heavy Machine Gun skin. Upon completion of 500,000 matches, players will each get a Scalebearer Lore Skin. The completion of 1.000,000 matches permanently unlocks the character of Athena. Athena will also be available for free of cost during the time of this mega event. All those players who already own Athena through the Champions Pack will receive an Athena Lore Skin as a reward.

Athena is the new character for Quake Champions. In addition, Athena has also been tested on a huge level in the Public Test Servers. This particular character is now fully available as a playable in the game. Athena has a grappling hook that she uses for traversal. The grappling hook allows Athena to get close to an object or escape a combat.

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Quack Champions is an Arena-style Competitive First-person Shooter video game for PC. The game was made fully free-to-play earlier this year. Check out new Quake Champions Slipgate Event rewards screenshots below.


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