Update for PUBG Xbox One: New Patch Notes

Update for PUBG Xbox One: New Patch Notes

The new patch for PUBG on Xbox One is here, and it has a lot of changes to the game’s graphics. The update is a small bump which gets rids of a few bugs and keeps the game running smoothly.

The biggest update

The biggest update for the gamers is that they will not have a digital 45-degree movement. They will not move the character to turn and move with flexibility. It gives the game a more realistic look. According to the PUBG, the next Sanhok map will also be available in the six weeks time. According to the PUBG’s spokesman:

“We have a target for giving out Sanhok on Xbox One this late summer.”

This statement means that the game may come out in late or mid-August.

Analog Character Movement

At the current game players can move only in eight directions. With the patch update, the players will have more free and accurate movements.

The Stability

  1. This new Hotfix update on the PUBG Xbox One will address various bug issues. The game will not crash anymore.
  2. The game crashed when the players use the mute option. This update will fix this problem too.
  3. When playing the game, the sound of broken windows also crashed the game. This Hotfix update for the game has fixed this issue also.
  4. The game also crashed when the players open the inventory. The new update fixes that too.

The Performance

According to the developers, they are also introducing new and enhanced performance optimizations. The game will now load faster than before.

The Bug Fixes

When the players walked on the sand, there were two footsteps. This update fixes this problem.

The loot crates will not show after the player’s death. This update fixes this issue too.

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