PUBG Update 22 For PC Adds a New Ranking System, Brings in New Skin Trade-Ins and More

PUBG Update 22 For PC

PUBG, the online multiplayer battle royale game by PUBG Corporation and Bluehole is finally set to receive a new update for PC. The new Update 22 is bound to add the much-awaited ranking system to the game. In addition, the update will introduce new skin trade-ins and more stuff in the game.

The rollout process for the PUBG update 22 has already begun now on PC. By the looks of it, this new update is a bit meaty one to most. The new ranking system is what players have been asking for a long time. Now it is finally a part of their favorite battle royale title. In addition, players will now be fully able to trade in their extra low level and old skins for the new ones. Moreover, some Ul changes and menu tweaks are also part of the new update 22 for PUBG.

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The new PUBG ranking system will consist of a total of eight tiers. These eight tiers include Gold, Silver, Bronze, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Master, and Grandmaster. All these tiers will be assigned to players based on their rank points in any match. Keep in mind if you won’t play nice, you can get demoted too. Players will need to play at least 10 provisional matches to earn any rank. Promotion and demotion in ranks will be decided based on total rank points of the player.

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According to the patch notes for the PUBG update 22, all the servers will now automatically be decided according to the player’s locality or region. As part of the Update 22 of PUBG, players will also see a new Statistics page. Also, there are improved Ul for the Career and Leaderboard screens. The Leaderboard will now display ranks up to a 100. Additionally, the improved map selection is back. This will allow players to select the maps they want to play on. Players will also be able to select between Quick Join and other maps individually.

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