PUBG Training Mode Release Date Revealed For PC and Xbox

PUBG Training Mode Release Date

Earlier this month, PUBG Corp. unveiled FIX PUBG, a month-long campaign to fix issues addressed by the players of PUBG such as the game’s bugs, quality of life needs and performance issues. On August 22 they introduced the PUBG Training Mode as part of the FIX PUBG campaign.

It lets 5-20 players explore a brand new 2×2 km map and practice all aspects of PUBG, from practicing parachute landings on scattered targets to mastering the perfect peek shot, to driving the game’s various vehicles around the island’s race tracks. There are even areas to practice vaulting, close-quarters combat, and of course, sweet vehicle jumps. There will be 400m, 800m and a Special 1k shooting ranges with stationary targets, mobile targets (left and right) and targets inside a building (standing and moving).

Dave Curd, Senior Designer on PUBG Madison says:

Training Mode was designed from the very beginning to have a living map – with room to introduce new areas as well as ideas players want to see implemented in the future.

We wanted to go beyond what players were asking for, so we didn’t want the map to be just a shooting range, but an open, living map where players can test a variety of skills to their heart’s content. The map is broken up into different sections; short and long range combat, vehicle races, jump skills, vaulting, vehicle ramps…etc. Each one of these sections represent a gameplay situation players may become involved in during normal gameplay. You can freely move around the map to practice whichever skill you like.

We created this map for you and look forward to seeing your new and improved skills on the battlegrounds!

PUBG Training Mode will be released somewhere around September.

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