PUBG PC Update Includes Anti-cheat, New Weapon, New Camera Positions and a New Sanhok Vehicle

PUBG PC Update

The new update for PUBG PC is coming soon. It will have numerous changes in the content and other parts of the game. There are several bug fixes, and the quality of the game is also going to improve. The game will have a new Sanhok Vehicle, and also it has updated anti-cheat capabilities. Here are the details of these updates.

New Weapon: Beryl M762

  • The new update has an additional Beryl M762. An assault rifle which can fire at Miramar, Sanhok, and Erange.
  • This new rifle will have 7.62mm ammunition.
  • The players can load 30 rounds at a time. If they have an extended magazine, they can get 40 rounds.
  • The Beryl has a better grip

New Sanhok-Exclusive Vehicle: Scooter

  • The game’s new update will see a new vehicle which is exclusive for Sanhok, two-seat Scooter. There will be no motorbikes on Sanhok in the new update
  • The scooter comes with a good turning circle, same Horsepower but will have a low speed.


The new update adds a ‘TPP Aim Camera Position’ in the options. The new camera position has a default setting which is “Reset to Right Shoulder.” It means that the camera will always be above the right shoulder of the character. More settings are:

  • Camera Reset to the Left Shoulder
  • Camera set to the Latest Peek Shoulder. In this setting, the camera moves or changes its direction as the character leans.
  • Latest Aim Shoulder

Anti-cheat & Reporting

The new update has the latest report feedback system. If a player reports, he or she will get an update whenever there is an action against his or her report.

Skin & Items

The new update also has an extension in the PGI Team Hoodies sales.

Now, the sale items end on Aug 21 at 7 pm PDT, Aug 22 4 am CEST, and Aug 22 11 am KST.

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