PUBG Sale On Xbox One Is Just For $12 In the US Store

PUBG Sale On Xbox One Is Just For $12 In the US Store

Today, the player’s are more worried about the Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode. It’s true it may be the game which has more attention these days, but the players should not let other things slip their attention. PUBG is one of the most thrilling game and is a huge competitor of Fortnite. Seeing the success of Fortnite, many retailers are trying to sell the game at a low price. The sales in recent months have been at a very low price. The PUBG, i.e., PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is going strong and has the attention.

Current Sale on Xbox One

The Microsoft Xbox One is a famous platform for playing the latest games. Microsoft is now selling the PUBG’s version at the cheapest rate of the year. Now, the gamers in the USA can purchase the game for only $12.

The Gameplay

The PUBG is almost like Fortnite. You have 100 players who parachute on an island. The players hunt for weapons and the equipment. The players try and kill each other. The players will play against each other until a single player is standing who will win the game. The game is very interesting. As you play the game, the environment changes which makes the game more interesting and difficult to play. It’s hard to find stuff on the map when the weather gets harsh.

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More than One Map

The game has the original map which is named “Erangel.” It also has a desert map which is known as the Miramar. The developers added this map to the game in May 2018. The gamers are planning to add a third map Sanhok in September this year. It’s a good time to buy.

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