PUBG Mobile Lite Beta: Released For Philippines, Maps, Number of Players, Reception and More

PUBG Mobile Lite Beta: Released For Philippines

Tencent is ready to soft-launch ‘PUBG Mobile Lite’ beta but exclusively in the Philippines.

Tencent has introduced its battle shooter. It has the Unreal Engine four, and it will be compatible for devices with low RAM as well. The maps are tinier, checking in at 2×2 km a guide (commonly 8×8 km), and as an option of 100 gamers, each match can exclusively coordinate 40 people. In other words, the player enjoys the streamlined and smooth game. The game has shorter matches but with limited players. The game will never link to the server at the time when the player will try to boot it.

Right now, beta access is given to the Philippines exclusively and there is no news for the release of beta access for other territories. The reviews of the users on Play Store are a bit disappointing. The fans did not like the graphics in the game as they weren’t up to their expectations.


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