PS Plus: Free PS 4, PS 3 and PS Vita Games Are Now Available

PS4 PS Plus August Games Free Now Available

PlayStation 4 is an eighth-generation home video game developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was announced as a successor of PlayStation 3 during a press conference on February 20, 2013. It was launched on November 15th in North America, on November 29th in Europe, South America, and Australia and on February 22, 2014, in Japan.

PlayStation was firstly developed by a Japanese company and released on December 3, 1994. Now it has been upgraded to PlayStation 4 that means 4 editions are available for the public access. First edition of PlayStation had sold 100 million units, 9 years and 6 months from it’s initial launching, and was the first video game console to reach this milestone. The difference between the prices of PS1 and PS4 is not a lot.

First up on PS4 is “Mafia III” an open crime world game set on new Bordeaux, a New Orleans like city from the civil rights era. You take on the role of the Lincolns clay, a Vietnam wet who comes back in to get revenge for his family who adopted him.

PS4 also offers “Dead By Day Light” which depends on the four survivor characters who try to save the people from a reckless killer. PS3 offers the action-RPG “Bound By Flame”, along with “Serious Sam III” and “BFE”. On Vita, you can get Draw Slasher and Warhammer 40k game Space Hulk. As a bonus, a couple more games are on tap for an extended period. The PSVR horror game “Here They Lie” is available until October 2 and the quiz game “Knowledge Is Power” is up until November 6.

PS3 and Vista owners have less than one year to get the benefits of PlayStation Plus, starting from March 8, 2019. The phases will be out of services and only PlayStation 4 will be available for the players of video games. New horror, brain games are releasing in the month of August. The cold versions of PlayStation will be useless after their releasing date. Now, is the right time for PlayStation 4.


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