PS4 Flash Sale is back on US PlayStation Store discount for Limited Time Period

PS4 Flash Sale is back on US PlayStation Store discount for Limited Time Period

A few days back Sony conducted a flash sale, leaving all the PS lovers busy buying the different games. Similarly, Sony has launched one more flash sale in the United State of America, but for the very limited time period. This sale is available for PS4, PS3, PS Plus, but PS4 users can make the most out of this sale. This flash sale has come to the great delight for the gamers as they can save a good sum of money because of the prevailing discounts on games.

Discount on the Most Famous Games

All the Crew 2 fans, here is how you can make the best out of this opportunity. The game is available for only 42$. Grab the offer or regret later. Other than Crew 2, the developer Ubisoft is playing a significant role in this sale, so you can buy other games of Ubisoft too at very reasonable prices.

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Now comes the news for Far Cry 5 fans. At this sale you can download the game for just 39$ and cherry on the top if you want to get access to the Golden Edition you can buy it for 59$ and enjoy the experience of playing the game based on Mars theme.

Brace Yourself RPG and Anime Fans

Isn’t it exciting that Ni No Kuni ll is available at $36 in this flash sale. Other than this many fighting games are put on sale. So, do not miss this sale which is going to last long only for weekend otherwise you may have to spend few more dollars on the same games. And if you cannot find games you are looking on sale, you can still avail the discounts from weekly PS4 sale.

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