Prison Break Season 6 Update: Everything You Need to know about season 6

Prison Break 6 Update

Fans will be very happy to know that network still has the plans for the Prison Break Season 6, but these plans might not come to execution anytime soon.

CEOs of Fox Gary Newman and Dana Walden told to media outlets that another season of the Wentworth Miller- drama is in its early stages to be developed. After news broke about the 6th season of the Prison Break is on the way, fans are whipped in the frenzy on what the next installment will bring.

Prison Break Season 6: Is It Really happening?

Yes! FOX has officially confirmed it was “developing the new iteration” of the Prison Break. “It’s right not in an early phase of development.”However, we are very excited about this.”

Speaking about revival mini-series in 2016, Wayne said: “It was pitched as, now there will be 9 episodes, and I’m ok with that.” Scheuring had drummed up the hype with another tweet ten days before, where he announced he will finish writing the script for the first series of forthcoming series.

Prison Break Season 6 Date of Release Discussion

It’s confirmed that work on this upcoming Prison Break season has started already. Entertainment President of Michael Thorn stated that: “It’s in early stages of the development.” “We are excited about this,” he added. It appears like we need to wait till Fox are prepared to make their next announcement on this one, if Kiefer’s very excited, and so we are.

On March 12th, Scheuring had made one official announcement and told the media that he already had completed the script for a 1st episode of the Prison Break Season 6. And he was a bit concerned about the availability of the cast, and he felt that it’s not going to release soon this year. But, it’s believed that still it will be connected to the earlier season finale episode. So, we are waiting for the new story-line of Prison Break season 6.

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