Poly Voyager Focus 2 Review (2021)

Poly Voyager Focus 2

Right now the Voyager Focus 2 isn’t accessible in NZ and just has US costs.

The headset comes in three variants. The headset on its own costs US$340 (NZ$483). You can go with the headset with a charge represent US$350 and there’s an Office version that permits you to interface the headset to a landline telephone for US$460.

Poly Voyager Focus 2

I was given the Voyager Focus 2 UC USB-A variant for survey purposes, which accompanies a charging stand.

Poly’s Voyager Focus 2 is a splendid headset. It’s agreeable, simple to utilize, simple to set up and it has premium provisions that are responsive and function admirably.

Poly’s Voyager Focus 2 is a splendid headset. It’s agreeable, simple to utilize, simple to set up and it has premium provisions that are responsive and function admirably.


The Voyager Focus 2 is an on-ear headset. On-ear headsets are frequently awkward get-togethers use. Be that as it may, I didn’t have this issue with Focus 2. It’s entirely agreeable.

This is because of the headsets’ tasteful plan. It’s amazingly light, and you scarcely notice it laying on the highest point of your head or on your ears. The earpads and headband are cased with delicate cowhide and the headband has a sling plan, with flexible associations on the sides. It changed in accordance with my head consummately.

Poly Voyager Focus 2

Changing the length of the headset is additionally straightforward. Frequently I have thought that it was difficult to get the two sides of my headset a similar length, in any case, Poly has included change scales that permit you to handily click the two sides of the headset into place. It’s a minor component anyway it’s one I appreciated.

The receiver is strong and subtle. It tends to be conveyed the two advances and in reverse so the headset can be utilized on one or the other ear. It likewise has a little magnet inside that holds it set up when it’s not being utilized. It functions admirably.

The headset comes in both USB-A, and USB-C variations, and the expenses are something very similar.


Setting up the Voyager Focus 2 and its charging stand is simple. It’s pretty much as basic as connecting it. The headset accompanies a remote BT700 USB-A connector for expanding the remote reach and is helpful when utilizing a PC that doesn’t have Bluetooth.

It additionally upholds Bluetooth v5.1 which I could use with my telephone.


The Voyager Focus 2 has premium components that put it aside from the opposition.

Clearly, the Focus 2 can be utilized at home, anyway where it genuinely makes its mark is in occupied workplaces, particularly call focuses where there are bunches of clamor.

The headset has dynamic clamor dropping with 3 levels that can be changed by means of a catch on the earcup. While it isn’t as powerful at dropping external commotion as the best shopper headsets available, it was successful at making the robots of an office or others talking inconspicuous.

I liked that it didn’t offset everything, permitting me to hear the telephone ringing when I had coincidentally left my headset on.

Poly Voyager Focus 2

The mouthpiece has Acoustic Fence innovation which essentially implies it makes an acoustic boundary around your mouth and before your face. This hindrance stops outside commotion being gotten by the amplifier. It’s exceptionally viable.

Conversing with my accomplice, she could scarcely hear any external commotion, in any event, when I had somebody talking two meters from me. It’s extraordinary.

There’s various simple to get to controls on the headset. These incorporate volume all over, ANC changes, mouthpiece quiet and you can answer calls by tapping the center of the earcup. These are on the whole responsive and I didn’t have issues with the controls.

The headset likewise accompanies coordinated voice associates. It upholds Siri and Google Assistant and these work as they ought to.


The Focus 2 is not difficult to charge. With my adaptation, I could charge it straightforwardly through a miniature USB port. I would’ve favored a USB-C port so it would work with all my different chargers, and shrewdly, Poly has remembered that for another model. Nonetheless, more often than not I was content to utilize the charging stand.

The headset has a fair battery life of 19 hours with ANC wound down and 16 hours with it on. It’s all that anyone could need to get you through a bustling workday.

The Focus 2 just required two hours to charge utilizing the miniature USB port and it was about a similar utilizing the charging stand. It’s great.


Poly’s Voyager Focus 2 is a splendid headset. It’s agreeable, simple to utilize, simple to set up and it has premium provisions that are responsive and function admirably.

These exceptional provisions cost more, and for this situation much more. The Focus 2 is costly. For a work-at-home headset, it’s expensive.

The Voyager Focus 2 is great for a consider focus or a working environment that has loads of commotion. The ANC and Acoustic Fence innovation causes it to feel like you’re having a one on one discussion, which is incredible for clients on the two closures of the call. It’s not until you’ve utilized a modest headset, as I did when I was working in enrollment, that you understand how much better the Voyager Focus 2 is.

For a called community, you’ll need the Office adaptation of the headset so you can associate it to landline telephones. In any case, it’s over US$100 more costly. Possibly you’ll need to persuade your supervisor to make the additional speculation, in light of the fact that whenever you’ve utilized the Focus 2 you will not have any desire to return to a modest headset.

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