Pokémon Go new legendary event surprises fans as Niantic reveals another major game update

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go has kept all the trainers as Niantic has unleashed a number of new Ultra bonuses worldwide. At the moment, a big Legendary event is underway that offers a chance to the trainers to capture some of the rarest pocket monsters.

It is now revealed that Niantic has in fact launched some new shiny Pokémon and fans can now capture them. However, Niantic hasn’t announced anything about the new legendary Pokémon so far. Its now confirmed that Niantic has released some variants of Grimer and Geodude that the players can now catch. It is being speculated that these new shinies are the big reward Niantic have been talking about.

So, according to what we’ve been able to gather off the internet, Pokémon discovered in the Kanto Region will appear more frequently all around the globe. These shinies will also be available until 30th September 2018. So, fans will have an open chance to capture these two new shiny Pokémon.

In addition, Niantic has also confirmed that they will be releasing a number of new rewards for the trainers. These rewards will be offered to celebrate the global challenges that the fans have completed over the summer season. The legendaries such as Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos are already released this week.

Niantic has also revealed that they have plans to launch new Mewtwo raids later this month. They will also be launching something more exciting as well for all the hardcore players. However, what this “something exciting” actually is, is still not known.

It’s also in the waves that Niantic is planning to launch a beta test for a new nomination process for the PokeStops. If that happens as Niantic has revealed, it could literally change how trainers move around the Pokemon Go world. Moreover, this new system is expectedly going to be tested in selective regions of the world. This will, in fact, allow all the high-level players to nominate the new PokeStops. It is still unclear that how long the beta test will remain open.

So, are you ready to get into all this excitement? Well, if you are all set up, do let us know what you’ve captured so far and what you’re going after next?

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