Pokemon Go: Flareon Raid Guide, Weaknesses, Moves, Counters, Best Weather and Pokemon You Need To Capture It

Pokemn Go: Flareon Raid Guide is Amazing and Fabulous

The Pokemon Go: Raid Guide for Flareon is customized well in many ways. The user is free to select the attack strategy as well as attack level. In addition, he can choose the multiple sort options. The user must select the options cautiously as the raid bosses are very difficult to handle.

Tier 3 Raid Boss

Flareon has a CP of 21155 of the Raid boss. It is a pure form of fire. It is susceptible to water, rock, and ground. There are also three feasible raid counters that are Gyarados, Kyogre, and Smackdown Tyranitar. Groudon is the best to choose when the weather is sunny. There are multiple moves that Flareon can get access to. Ember fire and Fire spin are fast attacks. However, Fire Blast, Flamethrower and Overheat fire are charged moves.

Pokemon Go Weather Effects

Weather hinders as well as the raider. Rainy weather provides a significant advantage to the player, who can knockout Flareon freely. Rainy gives the most substantial bonus. And this bonus will help with various counters such as Swampert, Vaporeon, and Blastoise. In addition, the likes of Kingler, Crawdaunt, Golduck, and Kingdra can come to take the rainy boost within 180 seconds. On the other hand, there are other options that are also available for counters. Surf or Water Gun can be used with Swampert. Surf or Waterfall can be coupled with Milotic. Hydro Cannon or Water Gun can be used with Blastoise. Sunny weather option is best to boost the ground attacks. Rainy will boost the water attacks.

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