PlayStation Now Offers PS4 and PS2 Game Downloads, Players Can Enjoy the Games Offline Now

All the PlayStation Now subscribers are in for a special treat today as they can now download and stream PlayStation Now games. Players are now free to download and stream the PS Now games directly to their PS4 and PS2 consoles.

In addition, all the PlayStation Now subscribers will be able to play games on both these consoles free of cost offline and locally both. The news came out via the official Sony announcement that happened recently.

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All of the PS4 games available in PS Now along with the PS Now new lineup for the PS2 games that are emulation-able on PS4 are available now as part of PS Now. In addition, all these games will also be available to download, stream, and play offline as well.

Additionally, if you’re already streaming a game on the PS Now, you can now keep on playing it locally on your PS4 console. All you need to do is to transfer all your saves of that game from the PS Now cloud to your console. You’ll be able to do that by using your PlayStation Plus subscription. Keep in mind that a PlayStation Plus membership isn’t really required for a sign-up on PS Now services.

As with this latest development, fans must know that all the games are in fact available to download and play offline. But, they will need to connect their PS4 console to the internet every once a week. This will help players verify their PlayStation Now subscription. In addition to this, it’ll help players stay updated and keep on enjoying the games offline. See more about the PlayStation Now here.

For all those who don’t know, this latest PlayStation Now service has already begun. So if you want to get your hands dirty, head over to the PlayStation Store for the games you love the most. Do let us know about your selections for the Offline play. Leave a comment below.


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