PixelJunk SideScroller Availability Might Be Impossible After This Week, Sony Music Licensing Agreements To Be Blamed?

All the PixelJunk Sidescroller fans hurry up as you might not be able to download or buy the game after this week. This might be in store for you because of recent miscommunications between Sony and some licensing agents.

It is highly likely that the players will not be able to download or buy the game because Sony America is having troubles with the game’s music licensing. In addition, it is heard that the agreement between the two entities might not be mutually accepted and signed.

In a situation like this, fans might not be able to find the game anywhere physically or digitally. According to Dylan Cuthbert, the founder of Q-Games and the creator of this marvel PixelJunk, because of an agreement between Sony America and some limited music agents, there is a possibility that the players will not be able to purchase the game. Also, all this could happen next week.

Moreover, according to Dylan, both the Sony America and the music limited agents are continuously in negotiations. So, it is possible that all this isn’t going to happen at all. If the agreement is mutually accepted, fans will not have to go through all this drama. And they will not certainly lose a beautiful game.

For most of the fans of PixelJunk, it’s no less than a big shock as the game has a cult following throughout the world. Not only that, all the tireless efforts of developers who’ve put their heart and soul into the game will be wasted in vain. Hopefully, this miscommunication between the two parties will not, in reality, dishearten the fans.

There is like a 50/50 chance for the game. So, if you haven’t tried the game yet and you want to play it, you must hurry up and download or purchase your own copy before the end of this week.

At the moment, only this much of the information about PixelJunk Sidescroller is out. In case of any more developments, we’ll update you as soon as possible. Stay tuned.


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