Pirate MMO ‘Atlas’ To Be Launched For PC And Xbox One

Another new game has been revealed in The Game Awards 2018. The directors of ARK: Survival Evolved announced a new pirate MMO called Atlas’ along with the trailer. The game is set to rival with Sea of Thieves.

The trailer showcases some fantastic creatures, massive beasts, first-person brawling, dual pistols, pirate ship combat, siege gameplay, underwater exploration, and many more.

In simple words, Atlas is a fantasy pirate adventure game with realistic graphics and action-packed battles with dozens of people and some fire-breathing dragons. In this game, the players will be able to gather the crew, build their ship for exploring the world.

The developer also has revealed for more features in the game as you can see below:

  • MMO On the Grandest Scale – Physically sail in real-time across the vast oceans with the proprietary server network technology. Explorers will voyage to over 700 unique land masses across 45,000 square kilometers, with thousands of Discovery Zones, and ten distinct world regions each having their own unique resources, creatures, secrets, and environment hazards!
  • Construct the Ship of Your Dreams, Plank by Plank! – Build drydocks and start with a dinghy rowboat, basic raft, tiny sloop or nimble schooner, moving on up to your own versatile brigantine or titanic galleon capable of transporting hundreds of crew and extensive cargo. Name your ship in big bold letters, paint and copy your own pirate flag and custom-place all the pieces of your ship – which sails and where, planks and gunports, every single structure piece has physical material and weight – to function exactly how you want.
  • Captain your Crew! – Recruit real players and AI crew from freeports or rescue them from destroyed “Army of the Damned” shipwrecks to man distinct stations on your boat! Set sail and explore the ATLASwith them to gain experience and level up their stats or gear, as well as leveling your ship. Your crew members are versatile! Whether on land, or ship, or even riding behind your animal companions on emplacements, they can man weapons of all kinds – cannons, swivel guns, siege engines, turrets, and even gigantic mortars, many with dynamically swappable ammo types including grapeshot, chain shot, spike shot, liquid fire, and more! Instruct them to board enemy ships and help you conquer the seas! Keep their stomachs fed and their pockets full of gold lest you want a mutiny on your hands! Take on the captain’s when or divide up the command responsibilities via Lieutenant Podiums to direct the Ship’s assignable weapon systems, sails, and stations, including standing-orders or manual grouped fire. Or, walk up to any station and take control of it yourself!
  • Pirate PVP to the Limit – Everything is up for grabs including player’s ships, crew, pets, forts, land, and booty. If you can get your hands on it, you can take it. A ship’s permanent logbook tells the tale of their legendary travel, exploits, and ownership.

Atlas will be launched for PC on December 13 and will release into Xbox One through the Xbox One’s Game Preview in 2019, here’s the trailer for the game:

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