Pinstripe Launches on Nintendo Switch on October 25th with Immersive Soundtrack, Interesting Slingshot Puzzles, and Mystery Game-play


Pinstripe the surrealist Adventure and Puzzle game is on its way to Nintendo Switch. The developer Atmos and publisher Serenity Forge have announced that game will launch on the hybrid console on October 25th. The game will be available via Nintendo eShop.

About the Game

The game’s story revolves around the character of ex-minister who journeys across depths of hell to find his kidnapped daughter. With an emotionally-charged game-play and story, pinstripe is created by a one-man team over the course of five years. As Teddy, the game requires players to traverse through a frozen afterlife world in search of your three-year-old missing daughter named Bo.

According to the plot of Pinstripe, your ultimate task is to find the girl and her perverse kidnapper. Throughout the game, players will face dark secrets from Teddy’s past and confront Teddy’s demonic archenemy who goes by the name Mr. Pinstripe.

Pinstripe offers a marvelous combination of gorgeous art, breathtaking score, and a chillingly haunting story. Players will find it highly influenced by the Alice in Wonderland, Coraline, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Key Features of Pinstripe

The Pinstripe offers six hauntingly beautiful game levels in which players will have to go through freezing hell. In addition, players will be treated to a unique and at the same time, an immersive soundtrack created by the game’s developer Thomas Brush. Also, the game offers slingshot mechanics that players will use in fights against the distorted and bizarre beasts while solving challenging puzzles.

Moreover, the family pet George also accompanies the players in the game and helps them find clues by sniffing certain objects in the game. With a hilarious cast of professionally acclaimed voice artists and various celebrity cameo performances, players will have to solve the mystery of the death of both Teddy and Bo.

Pinstripe is set for a launch on October 25th. The game is already available to play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out the announcement trailer for the game below.

Pinstripe Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer


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