Parking for Wichita State’s baseball game at Riverfront Stadium

Riverfront Stadium

Wichita’s Riverfront Stadium home of the Wind Surge will open this end of the week for the Wichita State ball game. Presently, many are asking, where is the best spot to stop?

The city of Wichita has that answer and has given a guide of in excess of 9,000 parking spots close to the arena. The city said in a question and answer session they will give a free transport like clockwork along Douglas and Waterman for those needing to get to the arena.

“One of our new electric transports and there will be a more modest transport circumventing checked well with Wichita State,” said Mike Tann, Wichita Transit chief. “We urge everybody to utilize the stopping east of the waterway and even towards the midtown territory.”

In the event that you don’t plan to drive, Ubers and Lyfts might be elusive. Randall Wofford has been driving for a very long time. He said less drivers are nearby, since April of a year ago, after the pandemic had many leaving the work.

“A ton of drivers quit driving for wellbeing reasons and different things,” said Wofford. “They’re not driving for some time, and don’t anticipate returning until everything is finished.”

Wofford said when the limitations lifted for bars and eateries, the interest for ride shares downtown expanded dramatically, where drivers are battling to get a ride. He said he anticipates that it should be something similar on Saturday. He said riders ought to anticipate a brief stand by.

His recommendation is to arrange a ride 20-30 minutes before you intend to leave, be ready for your driver five minutes ahead of schedule, and ensure you don’t make them stand by over five minutes since they can drop your ride.

“Be patient and be appreciative, on the grounds that we’re going off of all that we can off of the application and we simultaneously need to ensure that riders get to their objective where they need to go, as speedy as possible and proceed onward, you realize we’re doing all that can be expected with what we got,” said Wofford.

What would you be able to expect before the principal occasion at Riverfront Stadium?

Parking areas and carports may have charges to stop, particularly during popularity times. Restricted on-road stopping is accessible around the arena.


Guests will have advantageous admittance to the arena utilizing another bus for select games. The occasion transport runs each 5-10 minutes, for the most part one hour before the occasion until one hour after the occasion. The occasion transport offers free assistance to the arena from different advantageous public stopping areas east of the Arkansas River.

You can get four helpful Wichita Transit transport courses to the arena. The grown-up charge is $1.75 per ride. Make certain to look at the Wichita Transit site at for transport course data, including a guide of courses and timetables.


Different ride-hailing organizations including Uber and Lyft presently work in Wichita and administration the midtown region. The city is attempting to distinguish conceivable traveler stacking zones.


With the different versatility sharing frameworks, including two bike frameworks and one bicycle share framework, the new Downtown Stadium is just a short ride away. If it’s not too much trouble, note that bikes can’t be worked after 9 p.m. or then again nightfall, whichever happens prior.

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