Paradise PD Season 2’s Future is Still Unclear

Paradise PD Season 2

Although the release of a second season has not been confirmed yet by Netflix, fans are anxious for another foul-mouthed season. It’s too early for a recommission news as Netflix just dropped the animated adult series and Paradise PD’s return relies on audience figures which are not released by Netflix. Considering the success and fan base loyalty of Brickleberry, perhaps Paradise PD could return.

The makers of Brickleberry announced the comedy in April this year and if Paradise PD gets the go, it will probably be out by August, the coming year. But the release relies on when and if it is recommissioned.

Season 2 would have yet another 10 episodes of 30-minutes each, just like its first outing. The ensemble voice cast is expected to return for all further seasons. Waco O’Guin, the co-creator of Paradise PD said he didn’t mind more of the Brickleberry cast on board further on in the near future. Co-creator Roger Black and O’Guin have a very positive future of the show in mind, signaling a potential for season two.

Season two would witness more antics of the team while they get landed in trouble trying to bring down bad guys.


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