Otterbox Apple Watch Case Review (2021)

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch sure ain’t modest, and as an iPhone, securing it very well may be significant. Also, that is the place where the Otterbox Exo Edge comes in.


  • Secures the edges and casing
  • Moderately cheap


  • No insurance for the screen
  • It Will is not fit on all Apple Watch chargers
  • Can devalue the appearance of the entire thing

You realize your telephone presumably needs a case, yet shouldn’t something be said about your watch? As wearables become more standard and individuals find that they, as telephones, can scratch and break simply, a case likely could be what to keep them in great scratch.

Luckily celebrated iPhone case creator Otterbox has something for this, and it may very well keep your wearable appearing to be identical under its plastic plan and assemble.

What is the Exo Edge?

Showing up with a marginally cool name — it has “edge” in it, so it should be cool! — however essentially showing up as a dainty chunk of adaptable plastic, the Otterbox Exo Edge is the first of something we’ve not seen previously: a case for your Apple Watch. Sort of. Kind of.

Apple Watch

There’s very little to the Exo Edge, believe it or not, as it’s pretty much adaptable plastic that folds over the edge of the Apple Watch, giving a guard of sorts to the casing and a raised edge for the screen. The edge is by all accounts the main viewpoint here, however, the raised edge on the screen could secure the showcase on the off chance that you incidentally crush your watch and wrist against an entryway or divider, which occurs every once in a while.

How can it respond?

In principle, Otterbox’s Apple Watch case should shield the Apple wearable from scratches and such, however is worked for one area explicitly: the edges and edge of the Watch.

It will raise the line of insurance around the glass somewhat, however not by a great deal. Truly, this is less for the screen and more for the edge.

Does it do the work?

Simple to fit and snap-on, the Exo Edge basically needs you to eliminate the groups, snap the case on, and afterward add them again to begin securing your Apple Watch, however, it’s a task that is restricted in application.

This will restrict scratches to your wearable, which is something, helpful on the off chance that you have any worries that you will scratch the thing.

What does it require?

Be that as it may, it could presumably stop eating so much junk food, in light of the fact that while the Exo Edge watch case will ensure the edge, it will not permit the Watch to be charged on all charging stands. The thickness of the case simply disrupts everything.

Apple Watch

The Belkin Boost Up double telephone and watch charge, for example, and some other charging stand where the Apple Watch charging cushion is near a surface will dismiss a Watch encased by this thing. It simply adds a lot of thickness and means you can’t connect it to the cushion.

We likewise sort of wish the case accompanied a dainty screen defender of sorts, on the grounds that securing the wearable ought to be something other than the edges. You’d think there was a case there for making an Apple Watch Exo Edge screen defender, yet that is something Otterbox doesn’t make.

There’s additionally the look, which we think spoils it a bit. You’ll acquire assurance of sorts, however, the matte plastic looks a little meh, and made us need to take it off a lot quicker than we likely ought to have, in case we got scratches.

Is it worth your cash?

In any case, for $30, an expense likely could be advocated. Another Apple Watch begins around the $400 to $500 mark, and a $30 case could simply keep yours from being tossed in the garbage pile.

Apple Watch

When you see a broke and broken Apple Watch, you ordinarily don’t have any desire to see it once more, and the aluminum Apple Watch is probably going to do that as far as we can tell. Pay somewhat more (OK, significantly more), and the treated steel models or more incorporate sapphire glass, all of which reinforces the sturdiness of the Apple Watch.

Yet, assuming you need to keep the edges scratch-free and as beautiful as the day you got them, insurance might be justified. At $30, that assurance comes modest, however, we do think that it’s bizarre Otterbox hasn’t provided food for a screen defender, either without anyone else or in a similar unit, given a few contenders have.

Yippee or nay?

A cheap alternative for people hoping to secure an expensive Apple Watch, the Otterbox Exo Edge gives a trace of insurance, regardless of whether it seems like it needs some more.

This is certainly a beginning and from one of the better cell phone case creators. Otterbox is known for insurance, in any event, creating some eskies and fridge coolers impervious to assaults from bears.

Your Apple Watch presumably will not see a bear assault and in the event that it does, scratches are conceivable insignificant yet Otterbox’s mastery accompanies an approach to keep your wearable from scratches and scrapes that could demolish the look. It’s incredible on edges, less so stands.

We do think it needs somewhat more and won’t care for each charging stand apart there, yet at the genuinely cordial $30 cost, Otterbox gives something you may discover valuable generally speaking.

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