One Piece Chapter 916 Spoilers and Release Date Revealed

One Piece Chapter 916

In episode 915 we saw the bravery of Luffy and Zoro who without any fear chased the kidnappers of O-Tama and ultimately landed in Bakura Town. This place is dominated by the army of Kaido.

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Now, in episode 915, that the Heart Pirates are looking after Luffy, Zoro and Kiku, so that they don’t cause in the problem there. While on the other hand Urashima is happy to see Kiku, as he thinks he came to watch him so as a token of respect he sends his minion to get Kiku. As the minion approaches to get Kiku, she hid behind Zoro. But minions were successful in taking her with them, as Zoro puts no effort to save her.

There may be a fight between Kiku and Urashima, and maybe Kiku wins the fight. In episode 916, we may see more of Kiku’s past, as which country she belongs to and why she is in Wano?

We may see a fight between Luffy and Headliners (belonging to Beast Pirates). The Heart Pirates are also ready to face any attacks against them.

One Piece 916 Release Date

Chapter 916 will officially be out by the 3rd of September i.e. on Monday.

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