One Piece Chapter 914 May Release Sooner than Expected

One Piece Chapter 914

The creators of One Piece are really testing the patience of their fans with the delay in the release of chapter 914. With the release of episode 913 last week, the fans were expecting episode 914 to release this week, which is not happening as confirmed by the production company due to a national holiday. But the new release date has been announced through the official source which is 16 August 2018 i.e. next week.

In the last episode of One Piece two new characters were introduced to the fans, Tsuru and Kiku. It ended with both Luffy and Zoro leaving the battle in between in order to protect Nidai. The climax of the episode was showing off the ability of Basil’s fruit.

In episode 914, we may see how Nidai is protected by Kiku and Tsuru. There may be an entry of a character from Heart Pirate, named Bepo and his two friends Shachi and Penguin. His entry in episode 914 is suspected to have a connection with Basil Hawkins. As in episode 913, it was clear that Straw Pirates are in Okobore town, and with the expected entry of Bepo in town, there may be a chance of a reunion between Straw Hat Pirates and Heart Pirates who will together fight against Yonkou and Kaidou. Plus, with Heart Pirates in town, it’s obvious that we will see Trafalgar Law in Episode 914.


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