One Piece 914 is Going to hit the Screens on 20th of August, Spoilers Revealed

One Piece 914 Going to hit the Screens on 20th of August, Spoilers

Before beginning with the spoilers, let me give you a recap of the last episode. So, in chapter 913, we saw a furious fight between Basil Hawkins and Luffy with his friend Zoro. What left the audience in confusion is why Hawkins lets Zoro and Luffy escape so easily when he has the power of Wara Wara no Mi Fruit.

Spoiler Alert

In episode 914, we are expecting Tama recovering from her injuries, while Kiku is helping heal the wounds of Zoro. Tsuru offers “Shiruku” to Tama but she denies the offer as she has no money, but Tsuru insists her to eat it because it’s really delicious.

The Story Behind The Oden Castle

20 years back, in Wano, the Kozuki clan used to live at Oden Castle, Oden died, leaving behind a huge plantation that used to feed the Kuri people with tasty food. At the time the plantation was owned by Orochi and Tsuru. As Tsuru was revealing the secrets of Wano, a Gifter who became a batman after eating bat Smile aimed an arrow at Tsuru because he insulted Wano. Although Tsuru was protected by Zoro. Another Gifter abducted Tama, in order to free her, Kiku followed the Gifter with a katana. Soon Kiku was accompanied by Luffy and Zoro. The Gifter was heading towards Hawkins where 30 other Gifters were waiting. When Law heard that Luffy and Zoro are coming towards the town, he wanted to stop them because Hawkins is really dangerous.

Release Date

The Manga fans have to wait 4 more days for episode 914. It’s all going to hit the screens on 20th of August and the Raw scan will be available either today or tomorrow.

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