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One Piece 913

One-piece is an anime written by the very talented Japanese author Eiichiro Oda. It’s quite famous in Japan and has been broadcasted as anime-series since 1998 by Toei Animations. Different volumes of One Piece have been introduced in the market. These books have broken many records, and were a best seller in Japan. It has also set Guinness World Record for selling the highest number of copies of the book series by a single author.

What is the Story Line-Up?

The subtle humor and perfection in the art of storytelling is the secret to the success of One Piece. The protagonist of the story is a boy named Monkey D. Luffy. The book describes the adventures of his and his crew of pirates. Luffy unintentionally ate the devil’s food because of which he gained rubber properties in his body. The ultimate aim of him and his team called Straw Hat Pirates is to find the World’s most precious treasure which is One Piece to become the new Pirate King of his kingdom.

Author’s Pick

According to the author, Oda, when he started writing One Piece in 1996, he planned to continue the series for five years. Eventually, he realized that the completion of the story will take more than five years, but the ending will be the same as he planned in the beginning. He himself draws the illustrations of the series and is very sensitive over about how his story will be portrayed in different platforms.

One Piece Community

There is a complete online community of One Piece where you can find every detail of the series. Also, be aware of the spoilers. Make your account on Reddit and get an entry to the whole new world of Straw Hat Pirates. Let us take the tour of Oda’s imagination world.


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