Omensight All Set To Launch on Nintendo Switch This November, Definitive Edition Update Also Now Available On PC


Omensight is all set to launch on Nintendo Switch this November via the Nintendo eShop, confirms Spearhead Games. Additionally, the studio has also released a new Omensight: Definitive Edition update version 1.04 for PC as well. The Same Update for PS4 will release on October 26, 2018.

The developer has announced that they are currently working on the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Also, the Nintendo fans will be treated to the game in November. They will be able to download the game from Nintendo eShop.

The PC update 1.04 for Omensight: Definitive Edition is also now out. The new update 1.04 adds in several bug fixes as well and improvements to the game. Several post ending and general content improvements are made to the game. These improvements include a not-bleak conclusion, and the ability to visit loops of previous acts.

General improvements include new option to return to the tree of life in the game’s pause menu. Additionally, as part of the new update general improvements, enemies will no longer attack players off-screen. Improvements for Hor+ for 21:9 resolution are also made in the update 1.04. The players will also now experience improved live streaming as well as the visual assets optimization. In addition to all this, several bug fixes are also offered in the new update 1.04 for PC. Check out the Patch notes for Omensight: definitive Edition update 1.04 below.

Omensight: Definitive Edition Update 1.04 Full Patch Notes

ImprovementsPost-ending content:

  • Added a not-bleak conclusion.
  • Added ability to visit loops of previous acts.


  • Added option to return to the Tree of Life in the pause menu.
  • Enemies no longer attack from off-screen.
  • Hor+ for 21:9 resolutions.
  • Level streaming improvements.
  • Visual assets optimization.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed progression blockers in the encounters on the Fury.
  • Fixed Temple boss fight in Act 2.
  • Fixed explosive barrel explosion timer not slowed down by Delay of Fate.
  • Fixed Delay of Fate triggering twice.
  • Fixed companions not always performing a co-op kill.
  • Fixed hitting an NPC with a Phantom Blast during a decision moment didn’t count as a choice.
  • Fixed final boss attack not damaging the player.
  • Fixed final boss disappearing when using a Lethal Flurry
  • Fixed localization issues.
  • Fixed controller rumble not stopping when hitting a barrel to end a boss fight
  • Fixed Energy Orb turning forever around Harbinger.
  • Fixed Energy level 1 Orb not visible with Sword Upgrade level 5.
  • Much more!

Check out Omensight new trailer below.


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