Omen of Sorrow New Features, Official Trailer, and Release Date for PS4

Omen of Sorrow Release Date

According to the developers, AOne Games and SOEDESCO, their new fantasy fighting game, Omen Of Sorrow, will come out on November 6th on PS4. The developers will release the game in the upcoming Gamescom. The players can play the game for the first time at the Gamescom which will be held from August 21st to August 25th. So, if you are looking to know more about the game and play it live, you know where to go.

The developers have a separate booth at Gamescom for allowing the gamers to experience the game. With a separate booth, the SOEDESCO will put a great show at the Gamescom.

This game is a mixture of myth and legend. It combines mythical and legendary characters to create a classical horror fantasy. The players will find themselves fighting against various creatures and horror places like a sinister castle or in a forest which is on fire. There are a total of 12 legendary characters in the game.

The main characters are the half-angel Gabriel and hunchback Quasimodo. All these characters have a storyline and the story connects all of these characters to form a single storyline. The game brings the iconic legends and myths to life.

Features of the Game

  • The players can battle with 12 characters
  • 250 special moves
  • 36 horrific battles in Singleplayer Mode
  • Fight in Custom Rule Matches
  • Two modes, i.e., Arcade Mode and Survival Modes
  • Training room in the Tutorial mode

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