Ocenaudio 3.7.1

Ocenaudio 3.7.1

Ocenaudio is a full-highlighted, quick and simple to utilize sound and music supervisor. It is the perfect programming for individuals who need to alter and examine sound documents without entanglements. Ocenaudio likewise has amazing highlights that will satisfy further developed clients. To help Ocenaudio advancement, an incredible toolset of sound altering, examination, and control called Ocen Framework was made. Ocenaudio is additionally founded on Qt system, an outstanding library for cross-stage advancement.

Cross-stage support

Ocenaudio is accessible for all major working frameworks: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Local applications are produced for every stage from a typical source, so as to accomplish excellent execution and consistent coordination with the working framework. All renditions of Ocenaudio have a uniform arrangement of highlights and the equivalent graphical interface, so the abilities you learn in one stage can be utilized in the others.

VST modules support

Ocenaudio bolsters VST (Virtual Studio Technology) modules, giving its clients access to various impacts. Like the local impacts, VST impacts can utilize ongoing sneak peak to assistant setup.

Ongoing sneak peak of impacts

Applying impacts, for example, EQ, addition, and sifting is a significant piece of sound altering. Be that as it may, it is extremely dubious to get the ideal outcome by altering the controls setup alone: you should listen to the prepared sound. To facilitate the design of sound impacts, Ocenaudio has a constant see highlight: you hear the handled sign while modifying the controls. The impact design window additionally incorporates a smaller than expected perspective on the chose sound sign. You can explore on this smaller than usual view similarly as you do on the fundamental interface, choosing parts that intrigue you and tuning in with the impact bring about constant.

Multiselection for fragile versions

To accelerate complex sound documents altering, Ocenaudio incorporates multi-determination. With this astounding apparatus, you can at the same time select various bits of a sound record and tune in, alter or even apply an impact to them. For instance, on the off chance that you need to standardize just the portions of a meeting where the interviewee is talking, simply select them and apply the impact.

Efficient release of enormous documents

With Ocenaudio, there is no restriction to the length or the amount of the sound records you can alter. Utilizing a propelled memory of the executive’s framework, the application keeps your documents open without squandering any of your PC’s memory. Indeed, even in records a few hours in length, regular altering activities, for example, duplicate, cut or glue happens in a flash.

Completely included spectrogram

Other than offering an unfathomable waveform perspective on your sound documents, Ocenaudio has an incredible and complete spectrogram see. In this view, you can examine the ghostly substance of your sound sign with most extreme clearness. Propelled clients will be astonished to find that the spectrogram settings are connected progressively. The presentation is refreshed quickly when changing highlights, for example, the number of recurrence groups, window type, and size and dynamic scope of the showcase.

Ocenaudio 3.7.1 changelog:

  • Fix send documents on Linux utilizing direction line
  • Fix the issue that could cause an accident in certain circumstances
  • Arranging VST modules

Download: Ocenaudio 3.7.1 for Windows 32-bit | Portable | ~40.0 MB (Freeware)
Download: Ocenaudio 3.7.1 for Windows 64-bit | Portable
Download: Ocenaudio for Linux and Mac OS
View: Ocenaudio Homepage

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