Observation Sci-fi Thriller Announced For PC and PS4, The Release Date is Set For 2019, Confirms Devolver Digital and No Code


Devolver Digital and No Code, the renowned Stories Untold developer has announced the new Sci-Fi thriller Observation recently. According to the duo, the game will release in Spring season of 2019 on PS4 and PC.

Observation is a contemporary Sci-Fi thriller that allows players to play as a Space Station AI (Artificial Intelligence). The game takes place on an advanced facility that orbits Earth. Players take control of the character of S.A.M which is an onboard AI who assists a crew named as Dr. Emma Fisher. As the plot suggests, the space station suffers a huge blow after a mysterious event. The station gets damaged and the rest of the crew starts to vanish. A rogue signal keeps on relaying the message of “Bring Her”, in your ears.

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S.A.M is mainly a disembodied AI in the game. But, Sam is also able to look into the station’s cameras. Operate various station systems, and use certain tools. This allows all the players to explore the space station while solving some challenging puzzles in order to assist Dr. Fisher.

Observation is a Single-player game of the Indie genre. It offers a chance to all the exploration and single-player elements loving players a chance to leap on a journey to solve a mystery. Based on the story of the game, helping Dr. Fisher in finding out the truth about what happened to the crew while solving puzzles is quite a catchy situation itself. Hopefully, it’ll offer an amazing experience to all the fans.

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At the moment, there isn’t much information out about the game. As soon as more information about Observation surfaces on the web, we’ll be the very first to let you know all about it. Tell us what you like the most in the game. We’ll be happy to hear from you. Check out the Observation announcement trailer below.


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