Numskull announced Gearshifters for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC


Arcade shoot them up roguelite. Steer, impact. what’s more, fight through foe vehicles, and demolish managers. Adjust your loadout of mods, guards, and weapons for each perilous mission.

– Drive and Destroy – Employ exactness control and master driving abilities to race rings around adversaries, evade approaching shots, and release exceptional assaults. High-octane activity every step of the way, slide and twist.

– Mega-Vehicle Boss Battles – Defeat the untamed groups that rule tragic future Europe, and bring down their crazy, intensely equipped manager machines.

– Get Paid and Upgrade – Tackle perilous conveyance missions to guarantee the protected appearance of valuable payload. Get paid, and alter your vehicle with hostile, protective, restorative and execution based customizations.

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– Explosive Delivery – Expand your region across the dystopian landmass. Just the most talented Gearshifter can take on the most risky courses and arrive at the puzzling Citadel.

Key Features

– High-force material science based hierarchical vehicle battle.

– Procedurally-produced streets and adversary waves.

– Fight across 27 phases through nine ecological zones, each with its own group and supplement of rivals.

– Customize your battle vehicle with more than 100 haphazardly opened overhauls.

– Story curve across five demonstrations.

– Standard, Casual and Deadly (perma-demise) game modes.

– Vibrant hierarchical 3D world.

– Original soundtrack.

– A scope of openness alternatives. (TBA before discharge.)

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While we don’t have much interactivity to go on yet, Gearshifters helps me to remember the hierarchical shoot them ups of old. It looks quick, includes huge managers, bunches of foes, and a decent measure of slugs. The roguelite idea of the game is fascinating. Since overhauls have all the earmarks of being haphazardly created, as do levels, Gearshifters may offer something like Faster Than Light or Hades, where you end up with a significantly unique form and way each time. Joining that with the hierarchical activity of a shoot them up seems like a victor, however we’ll need to see when the game dispatches in the not so distant future.

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