No Man’s Sky Is The Highest Selling Game On Steam – Added 50% discount

No Man’s Sky

Hello, Games released an action-adventure survival game in August 2016 as No Man’s Sky. The game was initially released for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows users, but in July 2018, the developer released the game over Xbox One. No Man’s Sky is built around four pillars basically, including; combat, survival, exploration, and trading.

The Popularity of the Game

The game was promoted by the publisher so good that it was a great hit even before its release. The anticipation of the game was so high that the developer received many death threats when they announce a 7 days delay in release. Upon launch, the game was seen very popular among the players that it got 212 thousand concurrent players on Steam. The number of concurrent players dropped so low that it was hard even to have 1000 concurrent players after one month of release. The game was mocked over social media; even few buyers demanded refunds.

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Besides the setback, the developer, and the founder of Hello Games, Sean Murray, never gave up on the game. Developer continued improving the game by releasing several updates over time, including; Foundation, Path Finder, and Atlas Rises. But the recent update named as NEXT has boosted the game as it was expected in earlier times. The last update NEXT changed everything for the players.

No Man’s Sky NEXT Update

There were two main critical aspects faced by No Man’s Sky in first three updates that players continuously complained about; low FPS resolution and multiplayer. The recent NEXT update has delivered what was expected by the players in 2016. It has offered many new features along with graphical overhauls. There are a very few players still who complained about the resolution of the game, that when they play the game at higher graphics, the frame per second drops low, even at low of 40fps. For the issue of multiplayer, the developer added the co-op multiplayer feature to the game with which players seem to be happy. According to the players, the game is best to be played at PS4 Pro ‘graphically’ than to be played at Microsoft Windows or Xbox One.

No Man’s Sky NEXT Update

This update, NEXT, boosted the position of No Man’s Sky at the charts of almost every platform. The game ranked top Steam with more than 90 thousand concurrent players. Also, the reviews of the game on Stream has been moved from ‘mixed’ to ‘very positive’ in just one month. No Man’s Sky is in the list of top 5 Xbox one games in the United States while ranked 6 in the United Kingdom. To promote the game further, the developer issued a 50% discount at a game price which seemed to be a very satisfying offer to players and helped the game staying active among players.

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