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How to Get No Man’s Sky Antimatter and Find Antimatter Recipe

No Man's Sky Antimatter

If you play No Man’s Sky, then you will know a lot many items in the game for the gameplay. One of these items is Antimatter. It’s one of the most desired and wanted items on the gamers’ list. You will need it after you know your plans for the Hyperdrive and to build or create the Warp Cells. How to get the Antimatter and find the antimatter recipe for it will be your key to success in the game and the interstellar travel.

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What is Antimatter?

In the game, No Man’s Sky the Antimatter is for creating Warp Cells. If you want to create a hyperdrive in the game, you need antimatter. It’s the fuel for the hyperdrives. The Warp Cell formula is simple. It was a bit tricky recipe in the last version of No Man’s Sky. You only need two things, the Antimatter and the Antimatter Housing item. Housing is also very easy to construct. When you play the game, you will notice that Antimatter is a dark purple sphere which also has a purple background.

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How to get Antimatter?

You can get it on an abandoned building. When you fly up in space, you need to scan for signals. When you get the signals, you should head towards the “anomalous signal.” You will find an abandoned building on a planet’s surface. You need to go to the Forgotten Terminal where Whispering Eggs surround it. Interact, and you will get both the Antimatter and the antimatter recipe.

The second method is to buy the Antimatter. And the third way is to craft it using a recipe.



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