Nintendo Switch Online Account Cancellation may lead you to lose your Cloud Saves, Confirms Nintendo

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On the recent Nintendo Direct session, Nintendo has given Nintendo Switch Online a considerable amount of time. During that time, they kept on throwing bits of information regarding both the Switch Online and Cloud Saves. Among all the information, Nintendo has said something that’s rather unbelievable for some fans.

Nintendo has confirmed in the ND’s FAQ section that “If you cancel your Nintendo Switch Online account, you might lose access to your Cloud Saves”. This news is quite a shocker for all the fans as they weren’t really expecting anything like it.

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Not only this, Nintendo has also confirmed that if you like to keep on playing NES games on Switch offline, you’ll need to connect your switch to the internet every seven days. In addition, Nintendo has said that Saves Data backup will only remain available if you have an active Switch Online membership.

This bit of information comes directly out of the Nintendo Direct FAQ section, so it sounds pretty definitive. However, what we could get from another area of information, is even a bigger shocker. The info suggests that Nintendo might be unable to guarantee the availability of data over the extended amount of time. But, this could only happen if your membership to Nintendo Switch Online has ended.

If you have a keen brain for information, you’ll notice that Nintendo is actually acting a little bit strange here. Maybe, it’s just because of translations made from the Japanese language to English, but it is quite a shocker for fans.

So to remain on the safe side, if you want to keep your Cloud Saves services intact, you’ll want to make sure your Nintendo Switch Online membership stays active. As already known, PS4 Cloud Saves remain available for a six month period and Xbox One Cloud Save doesn’t require an Xbox Gold subscription at all. But in the case of Nintendo, it is quite a question why Nintendo decided to go with this practice of a business model.

For a detailed look at the recent announcements, information, and input of Nintendo on the matter, check out the full Nintendo Direct FAQs here.

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