Nintendo Sold about 20 Million Switch in 2018

Nintendo Sold about 20 Million Switch

Nintendo, the Japanese Video Game Company and a well-known competitor for the Xbox and PlayStation have unveiled its data on total video games sales unit till this year. The company has released its latest data on financial results and specifically unit sales up to 30th June 2018. The switch platform of Nintendo which can be switched as a home console as well as portable video game player is a hit and competes with game consoles of top rankers like Sony and Microsoft. Till now 19.67 million Hardware units of switch platform have been sold, whereas 86.93 million units of software (for switch units) are sold.

The Nintendo 3Ds platform sale is also big. Till now 72.89 million units are sold off and 367.84 million units of 3DS software have been sold. The numbers of 3DS hardware include titles of Nintendo 3DS XL, 2DS, 2DS XL and all other versions.

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The top titles on switch platform have remained the evergreen Super Mario Odyssey whose 11.17 million pieces have been sold and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sold 10.35 million pieces. The legend of Zelda and Splatoon 2 capture 3rd and 4th ranked in sales data. Whereas in 3DS software, Mario Kart 7 and Pokémon X/Y remained on top with the sales figure of 17.21 million and 16.31 million pieces.

Nintendo switch units, commonly working as ‘hybrid’ console with features like wireless joy controllers and supporting online gaming have really been a hit among video game lovers. Its switch models run as competitors for Sony’s Xbox and Microsoft’s PlayStation 4.

The recent data on sales (quarterly) are motivating for the company and shows the love of Nintendo switch and 3DS among video game lovers.

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